Iran oversight bill doesn’t tip balance of power

Does the new version of the bill giving Congress a vote on the Iran nuclear agreement – a bill which President Barack Obama has agreed to sign – shift the constitutional balance of power when it comes to foreign agreements? At first glance, it looks as if it might: Obama initially declared that he could make an executive agreement with Iran that evaded Congress. Now he has agreed to sign a law that gives Congress the chance to review the deal before it goes into effect and block it if there are enough votes to override a presidential veto. This looks like a restraint on the president’s untrammeled executive power in foreign affairs.


Winthrop proactive on fraternity problems

Recent incidents involving fraternities at the University of South Carolina and Clemson University have prompted some state lawmakers to call for a clampdown on the Greek system at both schools. We take comfort in the fact that while Winthrop University has also is taking voluntary steps to prevent similar incidents, officials there have good reason to believe Winthrop is ahead of many other schools in guarding against such problems.


Mayor tells city’s story to group in Idaho

Rock Hill Mayor Doug Echols’ trip to Idaho this week is a tribute to his accomplishments as mayor. But it also reflects positively on the efforts by the entire community to highlight the city’s efforts to combat racism and deal with its segregated past.


Number of cases rising at DSS

When is a rise in the number of cases at South Carolina’s Department of Social Services good news? When it reflects greater diligence on the part of the agency in identifying children who need help.

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