Clinton waffling on trade

To paraphrase Joe Louis, Hillary Clinton can run but she can’t hide from the great trade debate that pits President Barack Obama and a handful of free-trade Democrats against Sen. Elizabeth Warren and most of the party in Congress.


A better plan than raising minimum wage

The slogans are everywhere: Fight for 15; People Not Profits; One Job Should Be Enough. Worsening income inequality and the persistence of poverty have spurred a movement to raise the minimum wage, at both the national and state levels. Some West Coast cities have already boosted their minimum wage to $15, or more than double the federal standard. And Los Angeles and others are now considering a similarly aggressive move.


Haley’s attacks are not productive

Gov. Haley seems more concerned with the political optics of castigating legislators for failing to meet her demands than with working with them to pass legislation that would benefit the state and its residents.

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