Community policing pays real dividends

Assigning a Rock Hill police officer specifically to walk the downtown beat was a terrific idea. Maybe the department should expand that program to other parts of the city.


State must reduce domestic violence

South Carolina once again has ranked worst in the nation for deadly violence against women. This is the fourth time that the state has ranked first and the 18th consecutive year it has ranked in the top 10.


Don’t shut down abortion clinics

If South Carolina’s three clinics that provide abortion services have violated state regulations, they need to do whatever is necessary to comply with the law

The more pressing issue is whether the political pressure that sparked the inspections is designed to thwart the clinics’ ability to perform any abortions at all

It appears that inspections supposedly designed to protect public health could actually represent a vendetta against the states’ abortion clinics


Tell public about superintendent

Where is Chester County Schools Superintendent Agnes Slayman?

Information about Slayman’s whereabouts or why she chose to take personal leave at this time is scant

Board members have an obligation to inform the public, and they do so immediately.


Clerks must serve same-sex couples

Kim Davis swore an oath to serve all residents of the county and treat them equally

The idea that jailing Davis represents the criminalization of Christianity is nonsense

If Davis believes that her faith will not permit her to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, she should resign

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