S.C. women deserve an equal-pay law

While Gov. Nikki Haley is predictably conservative on most issues, she sometimes is willing to go against the grain, such as when she recently helped lead the effort to bring down the Confederate flag that had flown on the grounds of the Statehouse. We suggest that she now consider leading the charge to pass equal pay protections for women in South Carolina.


Land trust protects old family farm

The preservation of 53 acres of farm land in one of Rock Hill’s fastest-growing urban sectors is something of a miracle

Nation Ford Land Trust and, especially, Eloise Miller deserve credit for preserving the land and honoring the ancestors who made this dream possible

The Nation Ford Land Trust has proven to be one of the most reliable and effective means of protecting rural farmland


Board ends talk on rehiring Slayman

Rumors that Slayman might get her old job back had circulated for weeks on social media

But reassuring the community that Slayman will not return was the necessary next step

School officials need to find a way to put their differences aside and act in the best interests of the community


Certificate of need process needs reform

We like the idea of streamlining the process, but not ending state oversight

Good reasons not to allow free market to dictate how health care is dispersed

State should foster competition while also ensuring access to health care


York County honors slain colleague

Without the hard work and diligence of Anna Hubbard Moore, fire training center might not have been built

We think it is fitting that the new facility will be named after her

Despite her many responsibilities, she did not seek the limelight

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