Food trucks are coming to Rock Hill

Organizers say all Food Truck Fridays will feature at least 10 trucks offering food, some with beer and wine. Special activities for children also will be part of the fun.


Haley’s attacks are not productive

Gov. Haley seems more concerned with the political optics of castigating legislators for failing to meet her demands than with working with them to pass legislation that would benefit the state and its residents.


School district budget cuts seem reasonable

The $2.7 million the Rock Hill school district proposes to cut to balance its operating budget is only a small percentage of the overall budget, but it still is a sizable amount. However, the planned cuts outlined by the administration Monday appear both reasonable and relatively painless.


Don’t eliminate gun training course

The state of South Carolina wouldn’t dream of allowing untrained, unlicensed people drive cars on its roads. Why would state lawmakers consider letting untrained, unlicensed people legally carry concealed weapons?


Let take-out stores sell alcohol on Sunday

Store owners who want to sell beer and wine and customers who want buy it on Sunday at grocery stores, quick stops and other outlets need to lobby for a change in the law in Lancaster County. Better yet, state lawmakers should change the law to allow Sunday take-out sales of beer and wine statewide.

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