Winthrop proactive on fraternity problems

Recent incidents involving fraternities at the University of South Carolina and Clemson University have prompted some state lawmakers to call for a clampdown on the Greek system at both schools. We take comfort in the fact that while Winthrop University has also is taking voluntary steps to prevent similar incidents, officials there have good reason to believe Winthrop is ahead of many other schools in guarding against such problems.


Number of cases rising at DSS

When is a rise in the number of cases at South Carolina’s Department of Social Services good news? When it reflects greater diligence on the part of the agency in identifying children who need help.


Change state’s law on changing memorials

The reluctance of the Legislature to vote on the bill involves more than just the Greenwood memorial. Some lawmakers fear it could open up a can of worms regarding Civil War monuments as well as roads, buildings and other things named after Confederate generals or segregationist politicians.


Tweak S.C.’s religious freedom law

While no complaints have arisen to date about South Carolina’s law, taking precautions strikes us as a smart move. Even those who might not see the non-discrimination clause as an act of fairness might be able to reconcile it as a way to avoid boycotts or adverse publicity that might hurt the state’s ability to attract business.


We need good roads, not a tax cut

While Haley’s plan would raise the state gasoline tax by 10 cents, it would lower income tax rates by 2 percentage points. At the end of 10 years, when the tax cut would be fully phased in, it would cost the state $1.8 billion a year, which would come directly out of the general fund.

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