We need good roads, not a tax cut

While Haley’s plan would raise the state gasoline tax by 10 cents, it would lower income tax rates by 2 percentage points. At the end of 10 years, when the tax cut would be fully phased in, it would cost the state $1.8 billion a year, which would come directly out of the general fund.


State workers deserve a decent salary

S.C. lawmakers probably are justified in voting to spend $300,000 on a study to determine if state employees’ salaries are too low. But they shouldn’t waste the money if the study will just end up on a shelf collecting dust.


Obama cuts federal carbon emissions

The order issued this month does not appear to incite controversy. Essentially, it sets goals for the federal government, the nation’s largest energy consumer, to conserve energy, cut harmful emissions and save money.


York County should write rules for drones

The issue is broader than simply stopping drone flights over Carowinds. The unmanned flying objects pose a potential hazard for any large gathering, such as a sporting event in a stadium, or to people in any heavily populated area.


Don’t fall for ad blitz by nuclear waste company

Energy Solutions, the landfill operator that runs the Barnwell Waste site near the Savannah River, wants to reopen the dump to customers around the nation. Not content to merely lobby state legislators, the Utah corporation now has launched a statewide media and internet blitz to persuade doubters that nuclear waste is good for the state. We hope the many opponents of this bad idea will remain steadfast in opposing any efforts to reopen the site.

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