To the Contrary

January 10, 2009

Give Bush a break

Regarding the Terry Plumb Bush bash that ran in the Jan. 4 Herald: Retirement as The Herald's editor hasn't changed Plumb one iota. He continues to be openly liberal and in love with anything resembling a Democrat. Over the years, he's described himself and The Herald (in print) on numerous occasions as being politically neutral and middle-of-the-road. As evidenced by his track record, this can only be described as outright lying. He's also mentioned in print a number of times that he's a Vietnam veteran. Well, so am I. That and three bucks will get you a latte at your local Starbucks.

I can agree with Plumb that George W. Bush has been a rather lousy president. Holding my nose, I voted for him twice. I blame the Democrats for that, as they chose as their standard bearers in those elections Al Gore and John Kerry. The prospect of either of these men occupying the Oval Office frightened me and many millions of other American voters. Hence, Dubya became the winner.

I'd point out here that I'm proud to say I'm a conservative independent. Since I began voting in the '60s, I've crossed party lines a number of times. Not just in presidential elections, but at all levels. Call me crazy, but I believe in country first, and I hold in contempt those who put a particular political party ahead of what's good for our nation. Admission time: The biggest voting blunder I've ever committed was backing Jimmy Carter in the 1970s. He's rightfully credited by many Americans as being perhaps the worst president in our nation's history. I agree. With this in mind last November, I cast my vote for all levels on the ballot except the presidency. I'm no longer willing to hold my nose and vote for the lesser of two evils.

Liberals continually spew their venom about Bush being a murderer, his administration's mishandling of the Hurricane Katrina disaster and anything else of a negative nature they can think of. Recently, as so eloquently expressed in Plumb's Sunday tirade, Bush also is the chief culprit in our current economic mess. Guess he wasn't tuned in a few months ago when some of the TV networks ran video of Senate and House committee hearings from 2003-2005. In them, Plumb's Democratic friends defeated Republican attempts to more closely regulate and monitor both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. The Demo defenders of maintaining the status quo included, among others, Rep. Barney Frank.

Sniping squads

The liberal sniping squads have made it a habit since our 2003 invasion of Iraq to give the American public frequent updates on our casualty totals in Iraq and Afghanistan, which exceed 4,200. The liberals, along with their TV network pals, treat the loss of American lives in defense of our freedom as something that's totally unnecessary and unforgivable. Their labeling of our president as a murderer has been commonplace for some time now.

I do not take the loss of 4,200 American lives lightly. But I would remind Terry Plumb and his fellow liberal whiners that we suffered 54,246 killed during three years of fighting the Korean War. I have yet to hear anyone accuse Harry Truman or Dwight Eisenhower of being murderers, have you?

Perhaps some of those professing to be loyal Americans in opposition to our "reckless adventure" in the Middle East have forgotten that more than 2,700 Americans were murdered by Muslim terrorists in a single day in the 9-11 attacks. The planning for this atrocity began way back during the Clinton administration and was carried out nine months after Bush took office. The number of documented worldwide terrorist attacks on Americans during the Clinton years is in the double digits. Hundreds of our people died, along with a large number of other nationalities. Slick Willie largely ignored these attacks, with only one exception that I can recall. He did have U.S. Navy vessels stand offshore and blast a deserted terrorist camp. Hey, that'll show 'em who's boss, right?

Terrorist turf

To Bush's credit, regardless of the question of Saddam's WMDs, he did put American boots on the ground smack dab in the middle of the Muslim terrorists' turf. Somehow, this strikes me as a much wiser strategy than sitting on our collective butts here at home and waiting on the next 9-11. Or something much, much worse.

Bush knew this had been the Clinton approach to terrorist attacks, and the results this weak-kneed "strategy" produced. Bush also deserves credit for ridding the world of Saddam Hussein, probably the bloodiest, most vicious mass murderer since Adolf Hitler. But if the liberals had their way, Saddam and his sicko sons would still be alive, in power and causing the deaths of thousands of innocent human beings. And most likely launching yet more invasions of neighboring countries. Do any of these hand-wringing liberals remember Kuwait?

I agree with his critics that George Bush's legacy upon leaving office this month will not be anything he can be proud of. But I disagree with these people, led by diehard life-long liberal Democratic supporters of Terry Plumb's ilk, that every single ailment on their hit list can legitimately be laid at President Bush's feet. It's simply not true and reeks of yet more partisan politics.

I found it interesting that Plumb closed out his anti-Bush rant Sunday with a quote from a former New York Times executive. Anyone with a pulse and half a brain has known forever how biased, liberal and pro-Democrat that rag's been for decades. If he was attempting to add credence to his writing by quoting a heavyweight who shared his thoughts and opinions, he truly missed the boat. But that wouldn't be the first boat Terry Plumb's missed.

Don Potts is a resident of Fort Mill.

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