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James Werrell

Smells can trigger childhood memories

While the smell of old books might be hard to describe in any great detail, one whiff can send us back to days spent in the library, rummaging through our grandparents’ bookcases or poking around in a vintage bookstore.

James Werrell

Stopping Trump nominees will be almost impossible

What keeps echoing in the back of my head is the phrase: elections have consequences. My blood pressure rises when I think about how the outcome of the election might have been different if just a few thousand more of those marchers from key states had voted on Election Day instead of waiting until afterward to protest the results.

Rock Hill neighbors react to 'heartbreaking' death of child; parents charged with neglect

The parents of a 2-year-old boy found dead Tuesday in Rock Hill have been charged with child neglect, police said. Neighbors called the child's death 'heartbreaking' and said the couple seemed to be good parents.
Andrew Dys