James Werrell

Searching for breakfast of champions

Breakfast – “the most important meal of the day!” (try to read that as if you’re Charlton Heston addressing the fleeing slaves of Egypt) – has been a conundrum for me. I have tried dozens of things in search of the perfect breakfast, one that is nutritious, fast, filling, non-fattening and tasty.

James Werrell

What shall we do with all that stuff?

Members of the age group born between 1980 and 2000, according to recent surveys, not only don’t want their parents stuff, they don’t even want their own stuff. They seem content to go about their lives and beyond largely unencumbered.

James Werrell

N. Korea forces Sony to withdraw movie

“The Interview” now ranks among the best known movies that almost no one has seen. It gained instant notoriety as the movie that so infuriated North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong Un, that Pyongyang decided to retaliate with cyberterrorism.

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