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    Keep rebel flag off license plate

    The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles board of directors had rejected the organization’s application for a specialty plate in 2011 – the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War – because those who opposed it had argued that the so-called “Rebel flag” was...


    What is the important news, anyway?

    With the world going crazy, I tried running away from the news. It didn’t work.


    Let’s put an end to the cease fires

    The Middle East must lead the world in cease-fires. If cease-fires were the road to peace, the Middle East would easily be the most peaceful place on the planet.


    Negotiators reach deal on veterans bill

    Well, maybe Congress can get something done – especially when the results are politically expedient for members of both parties. That seems to be the dynamic behind a last-minute agreement to strike a deal for much needed reforms of the Department of Veterans Affairs.


    Escaping the medical care debt trap

    The single biggest cause of personal bankruptcy in the United States isn’t job loss or irresponsible use of credit. It’s medical expenses.


    Corporations skipping out on taxes

    There is, however, one big difference between corporate persons and the likes of you and me: On current trends, we’re heading toward a world in which only the human people pay taxes.


    Leonard Pitts Jr.: Selfies in Auschwitz � and why it's wrong

    In a place haunted by ghosts, on a thoroughfare of the damned, standing upon ground once watered by blood, Breanna Mitchell lifted a camera to take her own picture. She smiled a sunshine smile.


    Gaza’s Victims: civilians and peace

    After more than two weeks of fighting between Hamas and Israel, there is no question which side has the upper hand. Thursday’s Israeli strike on a U.N.-run school for Palestinian children increased the Palestinian death toll to more than 760. By that point, the death toll on the Israeli side...


    America’s poor need bigger checks, not a ‘life plan'

    What if the poor need more than disposable income to escape poverty? What if they need a life coach?


    Millennials and marriage

    It’s not enough that they want to upend the modern workplace. Now the millennials are out to upend marriage as well. Wedding planners and finger-wagging moralists are beside themselves. But maybe the kids are on to something – as long as it doesn’t go too far.

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