Northwestern Trojans sweep boys, girls titles at Bob Jenkins/York County meet

Northwestern runs away with victories in girls, boys events in annual county event

04/20/2012 12:00 AM

04/20/2012 11:03 AM

It’s something the former long-time Northwestern track coach Bob Jenkins would be proud of, as the Trojans ran away with both the boys and girls portion of the York County meet named after the legendary coach.

Held at South Pointe High, the Trojans beat Fort Mill by 38.5 points 192 to 153.5 in winning the girls meet and the Northwestern boys beat South Pointe by almost 92 points – 209.5 to 117.83.

The Trojans boys squad repeated from its win last year, while the girls team has came a long way, said Northwestern head coach Calvin Hudgins.

“Normally, it is a really close meet,” Hudgins said. “Our girls have been working hard. Things are starting to fall into place for us. This is a great meet.”

One person that wasn’t a factor for Fort Mill was senior runner Meredith Kilburn, who has been out nursing an injury for most of the season.

Kilburn, who normally runs close to a five minute mile and an 11 minute two-mile, could have made up 20 points for Fort Mill by winning the mile and two-mile events, had she been able to compete.

“There is no doubt she would have made it closer,” Hudgins said. “She would have had a big impact.”

Fort Mill girls head coach Steve Mullinax, who helped start the York County Meet with Jenkins over 30 years ago, was participating in his last county meet, something his Jackets have won 10 times. He would have liked to have gone out with a win – he is retiring at the end of the school year.

“Being my last one, I wanted to win, but we met a really strong Northwestern team and I congratulate them on their win,” Mullinax said. “Fortunately, we won’t have to see them at the region (IV-AAA) meet next week. We did beat five other schools. We had a bunch of personal best and that is important going into the region meet.”

Northwestern won seven girl’s events, compared to Fort Mill’s two.

The Trojans started to pull away in the events by finishing second and third in the 400-meters and third and fourth in the 1,600-meter events, which put them 20 points ahead of Fort Mill.

The Northwestern boys squad started the 2012 meet where it left off in the 2011 meet, setting two new meet records in the 4x100 and the 4x800. The Trojans’ team of Jhante McMillian, Douglas Odaryl Davis, Zach Taylor and Jacquavius Mackey ran a 41.70 to win the 4x100. In the 4x800, Grayson Boatright, Sam Aaronson, Christian Acker and Chad Fennell set a new meet record winning in 8:11.

By five events into the boys meet, Northwestern started pulling away from the competition, as it led by 21 points at that time.

There were several new records set at the meet. In the boy’s 110-meter hurdles, Clover’s Dennis Crawford set a new meet record with a time of 14.60. South Pointe’s Montay Crockett set a new meet record in the long jump with a jump of 23 feet, one inch. In the boys 200-meter, Nation Ford’s Dijuan Ussery set a new meet record with a time of 21.80.

The most interesting event of the meet came in the boys 100-meters, as Rock Hill’s Malik Crawford, York’s Lamin Yanseneh and Northwestern’s Zach Taylor all ran a 10.90, which resulted in Crawford getting the win by just fractions of a second.

2012 Bob Jenkins York County Meet

Key: Clover (C), Fort Mill (FM), Nation Ford (NF), Northwestern (NW), Rock Hill (RH), South Pointe (SP), York (Y)

Girls results:

1) Northwestern 192, 2) Fort Mill 153.50, 3) South Pointe 106.5, 4) Rock Hill 61.50, 5) York 47, 6) Nation Ford 44.5, 7) Clover 44

Individual results:

4x100- 1) South Pointe 51.20, 2) Northwestern 51.30, 3) Fort Mill 51.80; 4x400-1) Northwestern 4:14.30, 2) Rock Hill 4:19.20, 3) South Pointe 4:24.90; 4x800-1) Northwestern 10:20, 2) South Pointe 10:33, 3) Fort Mill 10:37; 100-1) Kennedy Vasquez, NF 12.40, 2) Lisa Ellis, FM 12.60, 3) Ashley Jones, SP 12.70; 200-1) Kennedy Vasquez, NF 25.90, 2) Lisa Ellis, FM 26.30, 3) Aubriana Thompson, NW 26.70; 400-1) Alawna Orr, Y 1:00.40, 2) Alicia Sanchez, NW 1:01.20, 3) Adia Simpkins, NW 1:01.40; 800-1)Leah Thornock, NF 2:29.20, 2) Taylor Lehman, NW 2:33.20, 3) Jaclyn Baker, RH 2:34.60; 1,600- 1) Victoria Burdette, SP 5:25.90, 2) Melissa Smith, FM 5:34.10, 3) Taylor Lehman, NW 5:45.20; 3,200-1) Melissa Smith, FM 12:10.50, 2) Madison Goode, SP 12:18.80, 3) Alex Moseley, RH 12:33.20; 100 H-1) Alexis Lindsey, NW 16:30, 2) Mary Watson, FM 16.60, 3) Monique Page, FM 16.90; 400 H-1) Juliana Hearn, NW 1:12.00, 2) Alexis Lindsay, NW 1:12.00, 3) Monique Page, FM 1:13.20; PV-1) Morgan Bockskoph, NW 9’6”, 2) Allison Rogers, Y 9’0”, 3) Jordan Collins, NW 8’6”; HJ-1) Julisa Tindall, NW 5’4”, 2) Amanda Grant, FM 5’0”, 3) Jennifer Ficks, RH 5’0”; LJ-1) Ashley Tall, FM 16’3.5”, 2) Julisa Tindall, NW 14’11.5”, 3) London Minor, SP 14’10”; TJ-1)Julisa Tindall, NW 35’7”, 2)Ali Peck, FM 31’4.5”, 3) Ashley Tall, FM 31’4”; SP-1) Lajetta Adams, C 33’6”, 2) India Doster, Y 32’6”, 3) Shay Robinson, SP 31’5”; D-1)Lajetta Adams, C 99’3”, 2) Lauren Richardson, C 98’8”, 3) India Doster, Y 94’ 3”

Boys results

1) Northwestern 209.5, 2) South Pointe 117.83, 3) Rock Hill 83.5, 4) Fort Mill 73.5, 5) York 65.33, 6) Clover 59.33, 7) Nation Ford 43

Individual results:

4x100-1) Northwestern 41.70, 2) Rock Hill 42.50, 3) Nation Ford 43.80; 4x400-1)Northwestern 3:28.20, 2) Clover 3:29.50, 3) South Pointe 3:32.00; 4x800-1) Northwestern 8:11, 2) South Pointe 8:17, 3) Fort Mill 8:25; 100-1) Malik Crawford, RH 10.90, 2) Lamin Yanseneh, Y 10.90, 3) Zach Taylor, NW 10.90; 200-1) Dijuan Ussery, NF 21.80, 2) Trey Childress, C 21.90, Malik Crawford, RH 22.10; 400-1) Zach Taylor, NW 50.20, 2) Miles Libby, SP 50.30, 3) Jonathon Adams, RH 51.00; 800-1) Chad Fennell, NW 2:00.60, 2) Grayson Boatright, NW 2:02.00, 3) Jamal White, SP 2:03.70; 1,600-1) Christian Rupp, RH 4:32.60, 2) Sam Aaronson, NW 4:38.70, 3) Drew Marshall, FM 4:39.90;

3,200-1) Christian Ruppe, RH 10:04.00, 2) Mason Lenox, NW 10;16.20, 3) Chad Rollins, NW 10:19.70; 110 H-1) Dennis Crawford, C 14.60, 2) Jhante McMillan, NW 15.00, 3) JaRyan Jennings, SP 15.00; 400 H-1) Dennis Crawford, C 56.60, 2) Jared Balasco, NW 57.30, 3) Jhante McMillan, NW 1:00.00; PV-1) Brett Squibbs, SP 14’6”, 2) Tyler Marssengill, NW 13’0”, 3) Sean Hooper, NW 11’6”; HJ-1) Devonte Gibson, NW 6’4”, 2) Tyrice Hayes, Y 6’, 3) Robert Mills, RH 5’10”; LJ-1) Montay Crockett, SP 23’1”, 2) Miles Lebby, SP 21’4.5”, 3) Brandon Hernandez, NW 21’0”; TJ-1) Jai Littlejohn, C 44’10.25”, 2) Miles Lebby, SP 44’9.5”, 3) William Ray, NW 42’5”; SP-1) Ryan Tankersly, FM 46’3”, 2) Beau Nunn, Y 46”, 3) Rubeyn Walker, NW 45’7”; D-1) Beau Nunn, Y 137’10”, 2) Zack Tate, NW 137’9”, 3) Ryan Tankersly, FM 130’3”

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