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August 17, 2014

HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL: Great Falls preview

Outlook: Great Falls should be in good shape, with one big “if.” The Red Devils need to stay healthy.

How they stack up

Outlook: Great Falls should be in good shape, with one big “if.” The Red Devils need to stay healthy.

Chris Culp returns as a second-year starter at quarterback, and at 225 pounds is a solid load to try to bring down. He’ll be protected by a stout offensive line, led by senior Ty Ross, and fellow 12th grader Tyler Langley. Fellow seniors Lemarion Craine, who benches 300 and runs a 4.6-second 40, and Shy Kelly, timed at 4.5 in the 40, are a speedy pair in the backfield hoping to gain the attention of college recruiters.

Even with size up front and speed in the backfield, Schofield will make no commitment to just the running or passing game. As a Class A coach, he always has to be flexible, as do his players, most of whom will play on both sides of the ball. Numbers are an ever-present issue for Schofield’s program, which has 38 players on the roster to start the season. But even that number is false comfort; as Schofield said, it’s not how many players you have, it’s how many in what positions.

Departed: WR Jamarcus Culp, TE/LB David Jeter, CB/WR Marcus Davis, OL Chris Marthers, WB Omar Dean, DB Josh Simpson, WB Ledarius Blair

Key players: QB Chris Culp, RB Lamarion Craine, RB/DB Shyheim Kelly, OL Ty Ross, OL Tyler Langley, WR Christian Twitty, TE Darian Stevenson, WB Hakeem Simpson

Schofield said: “We haven’t got a read on them, and it’s basically who they’ve got coming back with their key players. I know the two kids out of Lamar is gonna be pretty good. We played them very well last year, but we’re looking at competing again, as a 230-member school … congratulations and good luck.”

Did you know? Mylek and Tyrek Hoover, offensive tackles and twins, are a rare blessing in a small town Class A school like Great Falls. Schofield said his team will be dependent upon those two to shore up the edges of its pass protection.

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