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Group: Drought still severe

The Catawba-Wateree Drought Management Advisory Group last week recommended continuing current mandatory outdoor water use limits that allow a maximum of one-day-a-week watering and encouraging conservation. The Group noted that, while heavy localized rains have fallen in some areas, the Catawba-Wateree Basin remains in a Stage 3 drought.

"We've been able to keep the lake levels near target levels, but other indicators show no sign of improvement," said Ed Bruce, CW-DMAG coordinator.

Natural evaporation from the reservoirs and transpiration from the area's trees and plants have contributed to keeping some drought indicators at levels similar to last month. York County remains in severe drought category.

"Water use restrictions and conservation are the only way we'll be able to continue providing water for essential use during this extended drought," said Tom Couch, city of Camden Public Works Director. "We need the continued cooperation of all water users in the basin."

The CW-DMAG will continue to review the drought conditions and re-evaluate its recommendations at its next meeting later this month.


Know your water limits

Drought restrictions vary by area, so here's what you need to know:



• Odd-numbered addresses can wash cars and fill pools on Saturdays.

• Even-numbered addresses can wash cars and fill pools on Sundays.

• Hand-watering is allowed at any time.

• Runoff is strictly prohibited.

• Fines start at $50, but can be higher.


Lawn watering with a hose or sprinkler system is prohibited Monday through Friday. Residential car washing, filling swimming pools and filling fountains also are prohibited during weekdays. Fines range from $100 to $600 or possible loss of service.

All outdoor water uses are allowed one day per week with odd-numbered addresses allowed on Saturdays until midnight and even-numbered addresses allowed on Sundays until midnight.

Watering using hand-held containers is permitted throughout the week, as is drip irrigation and commercial water use.


All outdoor water uses are allowed on Saturdays until midnight. Water uses, including irrigation, residential car washing, filling of pools or fountains and washing of outdoor structures, is prohibited all other days.

• Odd-numbered addresses can water lawns, fill pools or wash cars and outdoor surfaces on Saturdays.

• Even-numbered addresses can water lawns, fill pools or wash cars and outdoor surfaces on Sundays.

• Watering by hand-held hose is allowed any time.

• Commercial water users are allowed weekly landscape irrigation and limited fire hydrant withdrawals

• Washing cars and hard surfaces is prohibited.


• Residents east of U.S. 321 can water lawns between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Mondays, and those west of U.S. 321 can water during the same times Thursdays.

• There are no time limits for washing cars or filling fountains and pools Washing sidewalks, driveways or buildings, flushing gutters and getting water from hydrants is prohibited.


Lake irrigation pumps on Lake Wylie can be used on Saturdays only. Duke Energy asks that residents conserve water in any ways possible, and pump use is subject to change with drought conditions. For more, visit