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Every day we open our newspapers, check our computers or turn on the news and hear stories about people being shot at bars, children shooting children, drive-by shootings and domestic violence shootings. It is scary out there, and I sometimes wonder why I go out at all.

So here comes South Carolina state government with the solution, let us have a "tax-free weekend on guns."

Now, I know many people feel a gun will keep them safe, and they are probably right. But how many of these people actually know how to handle a gun?

I am not just talking about shooting. I am talking about having a gun in your home. Do they know how to safely load a gun; how to keep it secure from children; how to use it properly? Do they know the law about shooting someone in their home?

Many of my friends are police officers. They no longer wonder if they will ever have to shoot someone, but when and how will they live with it after they have. Many know that more kids are using guns to solve their problems at school and home. Many of them wonder if they could shoot the 8-year-old child with a gun, or let the child shoot them. This is a decision I would not want my friends to have to make.

Now, I know many of you will scream Second Amendment rights, but be realistic. If you do not know how to handle a gun, do not buy one.

If the state was interested in its citizens' welfare, they would pass a law stating that before you can buy a gun, you must pass a certified safety class and background check. We have to take a driving test, why not have a gun safey test?

It might help cut down on some of these unnecessary killings that we are seeing happening daily. Please, let our government know how wrong this was. They should want to help its citizens, not cause them more grief.

Laura L. Lillie

Lake Wylie