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“The marriage amendment here passed overwhelmingly. So it’s a little disappointing to see such a mandate by the people get overturned at the higher court level.”

Claude Pope,

North Carolina Republican

Party chairman

“(Same-sex) couples are about one-third of our congregation, including members who have gotten legally married in other states.”

The Rev. Nancy Allison,

Charlotte’s Holy Covenant

United Church of Christ

“I disagree with the Supreme Court’s decision. ... We will continue to respect the legal process as it proceeds.”

Pat McCrory,

N.C. governor

“For those couples who have been waiting years, this can’t come soon enough.”

The Rev. Robin Tanner,

Charlotte’s Piedmont

Unitarian Universalist Church

“I think everybody’s a little bit in shock, people on both sides.”

Mark Harris,

Pastor of Charlotte’s

First Baptist Church

“If this means means we can soon marry same-sex couples in North Carolina, I’m more than ready.”

The Rev. Nancy Kraft,

Charlotte’s Holy Trinity

Lutheran Church

“Until the courts have ruled on the matter, South Carolina will seek to uphold our state constitution.”

Alan Wilson,

S.C. attorney general

“I am blown away. We are pinching ourselves to see if this is real.”

Cathy Fry,

Charlottean who is part

of lawsuit to overturn

same-sex marriage ban