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Wylie author to sign book

LAKE WYLIE -- Ashley Evans, Lake Wylie resident for seven years, published her first book this month, "Princess Prissypants Wishes the World Pink." The book is one of six already written by Evans in the Princess Prissypants series.

At 11 a.m. April 22, Evans will read and sign copies of her book at Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 4345 Barclay Downs Drive, Charlotte, in the SouthPark area.

The Lake Wylie Pilot recently caught up with her to ask her a few questions about the book:

Q: Is this your first children's book?

A: "It is the first one I've done, and this is the first month it's been released. It's been interesting. I've gotten a great response, especially from the kids."

Q: When will readers be seeing the next adventure for Princess Prissypants?

A: "There's another book coming out in October. It's Princess Prissypants Goes to Spain. I'm really excited about it, and it's bilingual. She meets five princes and learns some Spanish."

Q: How did the character come to be?

A: "When I wrote it my daughter was 2-and-a-half and she was obsessed with pink. As a writer I thought what would become of a pink world?"

Q: What does your daughter think of being the inspiration for a book?

A: "She's 6 now, so she's a little older but since she's still young she's impressed right now. She still tells her friends about it. As she grows and gets a little older, she might not still think it's so cool."

Q: What else can we expect in future books?

A: "In one she meets a prince, a prince makes a wish--I've gotten a lot of response for a boy version. In one she wants a pet. One's a little more inspirational, about heaven."

Q: How can people find out more about you and the series?

A: "I have a book signing in Greenville May 2 at The Open Book. There's something in Aiken May 16, and the Hampton County Library June 6. People can go to"