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Lake Wylie bank robbed

The Bank of America branch in Lake Wylie, 4090 Charlotte Hwy., was robbed this morning, but within a half hour investigators already had a suspect.

No injuries were reported.

Ltn. W.J. Miller with the York County Sheriff's Office said the incident occurred about 10:50 a.m. Wednesday. By 11 a.m police tape was going up, and 10 minutes later a York County forensics team was on site. Miller was not certain whether the robbery was armed, but was confident it occurred with a single suspect.

“We have a suspect in Gaston County that we’re going to interview, and we’ll know more after that,” he said within a half hour of the incident.

Officers told customers driving to the bank that it would be “closed a couple of hours,” but Miller said the bank would decide when to reopen. Miller hoped the case could be handled quickly. “No injuries, no problems other than someone walked in and walked out with a lot more money than he walked in with,” he said.

One southbound lane of four-lane S.C. 49 was closed at the time of the incident, though the most direct route to Gaston County is northbound through Lake Wylie.

Customers driving and walking by during the investigation asked when the bank would reopen and where the nearest branch was, generally concerned with depositing checks or getting cash.

Tim Moore of Lake Wylie, who used the nearby Wachovia, showed surprise that the Bank of America that fronts S.C. 49 would be robbed.

“One artery in, one artery out,” Moore said of the highway. “All you’ve got to do is put a roadblock at (N.C.) 160 and (S.C) 274. That’s a big stretch of road with no way out.” Which, for Moore, makes the incident even more worrisome.

“It’s got to be desperation,” he said. “That’s what’s scary.”