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MEET: Roy Atwell of River Hills

AGE: 69


WHAT DOES HE DO FOR THE SQUAD? I am a emergency vehicle operator (driver).

TRAINING FOR THE JOB: In-service training on the operation of the ambulance, CPR and the use of some of the equipment used by the squad.

WHY DOES HE DO IT? After 9-11, I realized how blessed I was to live in the U.S. and our great community of Lake Wylie.

QUOTE: After I retired I became involved because I realized the squad was following Jesus' teaching of loving our fellow man by providing help when it is needed. People the squad helps really need help and it makes me feel great to be a part of providing that service.

OTHER COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT: Member of River Hills Community Church. More than 12 years experience as the administrator for the River Hills Community Association.

FAMILY: He and his wife Joan, married nine years, have four boys, two girls, a stepson, 11 grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.

OCCUPATION: Retired police officer and administrator, build fences and light carpenter work part-time.

INTERESTS: Sports, hunting, fishing, boating, riding Jet skis, and spending time with grandchildren and family.

GOALS: Stay active and enjoy life


The River Hills/Lake Wylie EMS has been serving the Bethel/Lake Wylie area since 1980. The all-volunteer unit, plus two full-time paramedics, provides 24/7 Advanced Life Support for a20 -square -mile area surrounding River Hills Plantation in Lake Wylie with transport available to six major medical centers. Along with being the only squad in York County to offer all services free of charge, volunteers provide a "first-class" experience and work with state-of-the-art equipment thanks to community donations, the squad's sole source of funding. More volunteers are always needed as the number of calls grow. For more information or to donate, call 803-831-9888 or visit River Hills/Lake Wylie EMS mailing address is 4 Heritage Drive, Lake Wylie, SC 29710.