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Arts and Crafts Festival Saturday

LAKE WYLIE -- Saturday's Lake Wylie Arts and Crafts Festival pretty much guarantees visitors will see something they've never seen before.

That's because the show, while featuring some artisans with commercial experience, is designed to befriend the new or first-time selling artists.

"The booth rates at normal craft shows are outrageously expensive for new artists," said event organizer Susan Kirkland of Lake Wylie, explaining some shows charge $100 or more to rent a booth.

"As a stay-at-home mom, $100 can be a lot when you don't have a job," Kirkland said. "It's a big thing to a lot of new artists who don't know if their art is going to sell."

But beyond helping other area artists, it will be Kirkland's first show, too, selling her paintings and children's decor since taking up her crafts about four years ago.

About 33 vendors have signed up so far with works including oil paintings, pottery, quilts, glass items, furniture, custom jewelry, boutique children's clothing and pocketbooks, as well as baked items for sale and face painting.

"I think it's just a collaboration of people who do things," said Cynthia Jones of Clover, who sells gourmet foods part time. "It's definitely geared on crafts."

Jones met Kirkland on, a networking site for York County mothers. With many of those vendors working other jobs full time or staying at home with children, Saturday's show offers a chance to participate in a craft fair that they would not ordinarily have thanks to the Harper family.

"I was just glad to find that space," Jones said. "It's outside, but it's going to be great. Nowadays its hard to find a space in Lake Wylie without it costing an arm and a leg."

Any future festivals would depend on available space, Kirkland said.

Want to go?

The Lake Wylie Arts and Crafts Festival will be held from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday at S.C. 49 and Carroll Cove Road, near the strawberry stand; free parking and admission.