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No. 4 Wrecks claim lives of NFHS students

Carol and Ben Baker can't forget their daughter, Michelle DiBernardini.

Angie and Randy Hoover can't forget their son, Luke Hoover.

The Nation Ford High School students died less than a week apart in two separate October wrecks. The double tragedies shook a community and crippled an extended school family.

Michelle, 16, a member of the school's Early Childhood Education group, died Oct. 12 when the car she was riding in collided with a pickup truck. Three others, including two Nation Ford High seniors, were injured in that collision that happened on a rainy student holiday.

Michelle's grief-stricken family and extended school family paused to remember the teen, who was fiercely loyal to her friends.

But before mourners could catch their breath, tragedy struck again.

Less than six days later.

On Oct. 17, Luke, a cross country runner and wrestler, died in a single vehicle wreck. Known for his outlandish neon socks and zeal for living life on the edge, Luke was 17 years old.

Again, an extended school family mourned for one of their own. Those wrecks united two families and the Nation Ford student and staff.

Earlier this month, the school held a memorial honoring the fallen students. During that double candlelight tribute, school officials showcased two murals featuring Michelle and Luke.

“This is the perfect picture of my child,” Carol Baker previously said.

Down some steps and around a corner, Randy Hoover admired a mural that depicted his cross country-running son.

“That was him,” Hoover previously said. “Always running. Always on the go.”

And so, two teens won't be forgotten as their legacy lives on.