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No. 8: Lindemann rebounding from DUI fine, slap and lawsuit

York County Councilman Paul Lindemann had a busy year.

First came a fine for a 2008 DUI-related charge.

For that, some people called for Lindemann's resignation, but the Republican stood his ground while representing District 1 voters who live mainly in Fort Mill and Tega Cay as well as a small area in Rock Hill.

Months passed.

Then Lindemann, a Fort Mill resident, was allegedly slapped by his wife, Jennifer, after she went to a home on Little Creek Drive to talk to her husband and the then 28-year-old female homeowner. That April confrontation led to Jennifer's arrest.

About 10 days later, she was arrested again on a drug-related charge.

Then all was quiet.

That is, until July, when a subcontractor filed a civil lawsuit against Paul Lindemann alleging that he failed to pay for some contractor work on a Tega Cay home.

Through it all, Lindemann stood his ground, though he acknowledges that the incidents could have defeated him.

But they didn't, he said.

“If anything, they made me stronger,” he said. “I've gained support. It's been humbling and at the same time rewarding.”

And don't look for Lindemann's resignation.

“I've been encouraged from everybody around the state, Tega Cay and Rock Hill to stick it out,” he said. “In January and February, District 1 constituents will see some things evolving into fruition that I helped start.”

Undeterred by the drama in his personal life, Lindemann stayed busy with York County Council projects, he said.

“I am a major player in bringing stability to not only the council but the synergy that we have with the Town of Fort Mill and the City of Tega Cay,” he said. “I am very happy that that's happened.”

Lindemann's term ends next year, and he will file for another stint in his current seat, he said.

“There's plenty of work left to be done,” he said.

Moving on

Lindemann was arrested in Columbia on July 16, 2008, and charged with driving while impaired. Last February, he pleaded down to a charge of driving with unlawful alcohol concentration, according to City of Columbia Municipal Court Judge Dana Turner.

The charge carried a possible 30-day sentence or $400 fine, Turner previously said.

Lindemann elected to pay the fine and court-related costs that totaled $1,026.76. Before Lindemann could finish paying the fine, he faced two other obstacles involving Jennifer.

On April 12, police responded to a disturbance call along Little Creek Drive. A police report noted that Jennifer thought Lindemann was having an affair with the homeowner. After seeing him drive away from the area, Jennifer drove to the residence, knocked on the unlocked door, entered and went inside to talk to the homeowner. That attempt was blocked by another Rock Hill woman.

Lindemann later told police that he spent the night at the house after a party and that he and the homeowner were not having an affair. Meanwhile, Jennifer was arrested but released the same day. About 10 days later, Jennifer was arrested again on a drug-related charge, according to police. Bond was set at $1,000 before she was released with a June court date.

Now, the couple is working on resolution for the charges as they move on with their lives, Paul Lindemann said.

Jennifer is currently working in a pretrial intervention program that with successful completion will pave the way for the alleged charges to be subsequently dropped and expunged, he said.

“We are doing great,” Lindemann said. ”We have grown stronger.”

About three months after Jennifer's double arrest, John Long, a sub-contractor, filed a civil lawsuit against Lindemann alleging that he failed to pay for some work completed on his Tega Cay home. Since then, Lindemann requested a continuance and then a jury trial. The jury was selected this month, and a trial date is set for early January, according to Fort Mill court documents.

However, the case may not make it to trial. Lindemann planned to meet with Long the weekend prior to Christmas.

“We will work out some type of arrangement,” Lindemann said. “The suit will probably be dropped. What he's asking for is fair and accurate. He and I will be happy in the end.”