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Report: shoplifter offers $100 to escape charge at Fort Mill truck stop

An alleged shoplifter offered a convenience store clerk $100 if she didn’t press charges over the alleged theft of a $5 toy truck, according to a Fort Mill Police report.

Police said the incident happened March 10 at Love’s Plaza off Sutton Road, near Interstate 77. A store clerk told police she saw a woman in the store take a $5 toy truck from a shelf and conceal it. The woman then tried to run out of the store, the report states.

The clerk caught the woman and physically detained her while police were called. The report states the accused shoplifter tried to bribe the store clerk by offering her $100 if she let her go and did not press charges for shoplifting, the report states. The clerk refused.

Police identified the suspect as Jenifer Rebeca Crabtree, 31, of Monroe, N.C. Police also learned she was wanted on outstanding warrants in Rock Hill. She was arrested and jailed.