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Chester County sting leads to 17 drug-related arrests

CHESTER — Chester authorities arrested 17 people this morning in what theysay is a roundup of area drug dealers.

Called “Operation Sleigh Ride,” the sting was the result of three months ofinvestigation, police said.

With warrants in hand, officers went to the homes of their suspects — mostlypeople with prior drug convictions accused of drug trafficking, distributionand possession with intent to distribute — hoping to catch them at a timewhen they would be in a deep sleep.

The sting gets its name from police hauling people to jail during theholiday season.

“Sleigh ride,” Lt. Louis Nelson said, “In our sleigh.”

Authorities said they have numerous other outstanding warrants they aretrying to serve.

The operation is a joint effort between the Chester County Sheriff’s Office,the Chester Police Department, the Great Falls Police Department and theFBI.