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No rezoning needed for "Tiger World," owner says

Lea Jaunakais says she’s one step closer to building “Tiger World.”

The Rock Hill businesswoman said today that after discussing the zoning ofher property with Chester County planning and zoning officials on Monday,they determined that her proposed preserve for large cats appears to fallunder a special exception in the zoning code.

This means that Jaunakais won’t need to have a zoning hearing on Feb. 20,but will instead will take her case to the Chester County Board of Appealson March 13. Now, Jaunakais says all she has to do is show that her facilitymeets the standards for a special exception, which she said includesfacilities that exhibit live animals.

Some people who live near the proposed site off Simple Farm Road in northernChester County are opposed to “Tiger World,” and have expressed concernabout the big cats escaping. Many had planned to attend Jaunakais’ zoninghearing to state their objections.

Jaunakais said she is pleased but knows there are other hurdles before“Tiger World” opens.

As a federally-regulated facility, “Tiger World” would offer shelter to bigcats, while at the same time serve as a research site and an entertainmentpark where families and other groups could take guided tours, Jaunakaissaid.

The Chester County Zoning Board of Appeals is scheduled to meet 7 p.m. March13 at the Chester County War Memorial Building.