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Pageland man charged with Lancaster County murder

A Pageland man has been charged in the murder of a 43-year-old man, whosedecomposed body was found in Lancaster County last month, according to anews release from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Gary Lee Miles, 23, of 3356 S.C. 9 West, was being held at the ChesterfieldCounty jail, the release stated. Miles is accused of killing Mike DennisClanton, whose body was found in a ditch off of Flint Ridge Road on Sept.22.

Clanton, whose last known address was in Blacksburg, had been reportedmissing on Sept. 18, the release stated. Chesterfield County investigatorsdetermined he was last seen by Miles, who told police that on the evening ofSept. 16, he drove Clanton from a convenience store near Pageland to BufordCrossroad’s in Lancaster County, the release stated.

Police, however, thought Miles’ account was suspicious, according to a quotefrom Lancaster County’s chief deputy in the release.

Lancaster County investigators and investigators with the ChesterfieldCounty Sheriff’s Office executed a search warrant at Miles’ home on Sept. 24and seized Miles’ 1988 Oldsmobile, the release stated.

A crime scene specialist with the State Law Enforcement Division processedthe vehicle and found blood in the trunk, the release stated. Policeestablished a DNA profile with the blood.

SLED completed Clanton’s DNA profile on Monday and compared it to theprofile of the blood found in the trunk of Miles’ car, the release stated.The profiles matched.

On Wednesday morning, Miles met with investigators at the Lancaster CountySheriff’s Office, the release stated. He was questioned and confessed tobeing with Clanton when died in Chesterfield County, the release stated.

Miles told investigators Clanton drowned after being pushed into a farm pondin western Chesterfield County.

Miles told investigators he pulled Clanton from the pond, and said he puthis body in the trunk, drove him into Lancaster County and dumped his body,the release stated.

After determining Clanton’s death took place in Chesterfield County,Lancaster County investigators released Miles to the Chesterfield CountySheriff’s Office. Investigators are trying to determine if others areinvolved. They have yet to determine how, if at all, Clanton and Miles kneweach other.