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Say hello to the Taylor granddaughters

The ride from downtown Edgemoor to the John and Martha Taylor House in Lowrys is one of amazing interest. Campbell's Truck Stop is where some flamboyant history took place years ago. Up the road, we pass the Aaron Burr house, and that, of course, has stories galore -- some actual and others figments of an imaginary historian. It has been rumored that many times old Burr knocks at the front door, begging to be allowed to sleep in the parlor.

On through the countryside, to the place where "The Patriot" movie crew selected a great old tree that is falling into the arms of death. Branches twisted with the weight of a once mighty form, where hundreds of cows stood and enjoyed the shade and rest from the heat of summer. It still stands but not with the same majesty. The remaining branches are small reminders of what it once was.

On that same road we pass Oliphant Lake, where fishermen with their dogs and children sit on the side and lazily throw out their lines to fish who are accustomed to be enticed with delicacies from the local worm merchant. The dogs watch and wait patiently for a duck to land within their running distance, only to see that same feathered creature laugh a fowl laugh and take off at the last minute.

Then, a quick right to the Taylor residence, where, for one whole generation, only boys arrived. However, now, two darling little girls wait to be honored by all the friends and family and to make these folks know that, indeed, little girls require a different kind of living.

Girls love things, fancy, plain, soft, furry and shiny. They love certain colors and remain true to that shade for most of their lives. Scents are another important part of their living, added to little things with which they like to surround themselves. Oh, indeed, it is momentous undertakings to take into account all of the different avenues a little girl's imagination may take. So you, of the Taylor clan, get ready: You are in for a colorful exciting, fashion directed adventure with Anna and Hatcher Taylor.

Now, at only two and a half months old, they are beginning to make their likes and dislikes known. They are surely not difficult, just a trifle opinionated. They look at things a little differently than the average boy, even at this tender age. They have a marvelous concept of just what is right, when, and where it should be used. Wait, they will show you, with their words and actions. And you, the eager-to-please grandparents, relatives and friends will quickly accommodate your efforts and thoughts to meet those of the little ladies. They will be a tremendous force in the lives of all who know them, for they are blessed with charm, grace, beauty and an amazing trait, referred to in our social world as character; the strength of which has been described by some as indomitable.

Anna Pierce Taylor was born on March 3 in Augusta, Ga. Her parents, Leslie and Brian Taylor, along with their 2 1/2 -year-old son, John, smile and delight in having this beautiful addition to their family.

Hatcher Scott Taylor was born on March 13 in Rock Hill. Her parents, Mary Ann and Bain Taylor, are too delighted with all this little person brings. She has already developed a liking for her favorite chair, where she sits and observes the world passing by, no doubt making huge decisions about her future life.

The order of birth will have a lasting effect on these two ladies. Anna Pierce will enjoy a place of importance until her middle-age years are reached, and then she will take a back seat as a result of being older. Let me tell you, days count when you reach that 50 mark. Then, Miss Hatcher will be known as the younger of the two. Ah, the leveling wheels of social behavior eventually make parsing possible.

The "Sip and See" was a social event; both babies were on display and conducted themselves in the accepted social manner. Little John with his darling suit and saddle shoes stood close to the service table, where petits fours took charge of his little hands, and chocolate icing beaconed him to come closer.

Another lovely day, another day to remember in the lives of these blessed children and the parents who, with the help of the good Lord, start the arduous road of upbringing.