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4 charged after arrest of shooting suspect in Rock Hill

Editor's note: Antonio Bernard Ross, 24, of Rock Hill was charged with hindering police when Antwan Agurs was arrested on Gilmore Street last week. The original article pictured and detailed information about a different Antonio Ross. The police report was incorrect.

Antwan Agurs didn't make it easy for police to find him.

Rock Hill Police had been searching for months for the 18-year-old wanted in two shooting incidents and an armed robbery. A Crime Stoppers tip led officers to 1968 Gilmore St. on Tuesday afternoon.

When officers arrived, a sergeant recognized Agurs, who was looking through a window in the back of the house, according to details released Thursday in a Rock Hill Police report.

Police called for Agurs to surrender. But he didn't. Instead, officers heard Agurs going into the attic area of the house, the report states.

After officers got inside, they were met by four men in their 20s. Eldon Butterfield, 24, lives at that address, the report states. He and three other men - Quantavious Butterfield, 20, Antonio Bernard Ross, 24, and Knovell Hemphill, 26 - denied that anyone else was inside.

Officers went to the attic in search of Agurs. That's where they found him and a stolen black 12-gauge shotgun.

"He wasn't holding the gun," said Rock Hill Police Lt. Brad Redfearn. "We found it in the house. It was loaded."

Agurs was charged in two incidents where a handgun was used. Witnesses described that gun as being silver or chrome. No weapon description is available in the third incident.

But in the Gilmore Street house Tuesday, police found a black shotgun, which was reported stolen April 6 from a Bloomsbury Lane residence. In addition to the $200 shotgun, the thief took $600 worth of DVDs, a DVD player, a Nintendo DS and video games.

A 14-year-old boy was arrested a couple weeks later in connection with that burglary.

Along with Agurs, police arrested the four men Tuesday. Quantavious Butterfield was wanted by S.C. Probation and Parole, the report states. Eldon Butterfield, Ross and Hemphill each were charged with hindering police.

Those four weren't listed as "most wanted," but each have criminal histories in the area.

Eldon Butterfield was one of three charged in the 2004 shooting death of 19-year-old Odarius Westbrook. He pleaded to a lesser weapons charge and testified against the triggerman. Quantavious Butterfield was convicted in 2008 of burglary, according to a State Law Enforcement Division background check.

Hemphill has been convicted of several drug-related crimes and a felony forgeries dating to 2000, a background check shows.

Ross was convicted of burglary in 2003, according to SLED records.

Quantavious Butterfield was still in police custody Thursday, Redfearn said. The other three have been released from jail, he said.

Agurs faces 13 charges in connection with three gun-related charges dating back to December. He is being held without bond.

His older sister, Janice Howze, told The Herald on Thursday that Agurs' family cares about him, and missed Wednesday's court appearance because they didn't know about it.

"I love my brother to death," Howze said. "I know my brother did not do all of that (crimes he's charged in). Period."

Some of charges stem from a shooting March 1 on Taylor Street in which a man was shot in the back. The suspect was on a bicycle, police said.

Police say Agurs rode a bicycle up to the victim and others before 6:30 p.m., threatened them, then pulled out a silver handgun and started shooting, according to a Rock Hill Police report.

The victim, who was struck in the back, is still under medical care.

Police charged Agurs in incidents from December that were minutes apart on Rock Hill's Carolina Avenue Extension and Russell Street. One of those involved someone being shot in the back.

In the first incident, Cordarrel Thrower of Russell Street was shot once in the back Dec. 17. He is still under medical care.

Twenty minutes later, two people were held up on Carolina Avenue Extension.

One of the victims gave the robbers his change and a necklace with a teddy bear on it. Then the robber shot at them twice, the report stated. No one was injured.