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Everette Brown is growing into his job

We're going to have more on Panthers DE Everette Brown in the paper this weekend, but it's worth pointing out now that there's more of him.

When Brown arrived last year he looked, well, normal. Athletic, yes. But not like you'd think an NFL defensive lineman is supposed to look. Now he's added 10 pounds and he's going to have to find a tailor to let his jackets out, since it appears most of it is in his upper half. At 6-1, 260, he looks more like Dwight Freeney than Robert Mathis now, but said he doesn't think he's sacrificed speed for strength.

The hope is that it helps him hold up against the run better (although he was better than some expected at that last year), and avoid the midseason slump that marked his rookie campaign.

"I attribute that to a little time in the offseason, allowing my body to get well, but the biggest thing I changed was my diet, just eating better," Brown said. "I eat more, but it’s a better quality of food, better choices, and a balanced diet.

"I put on weight, but don’t feel heavy. The main thing for me is still speed, so I don't want to get too heavy and sacrifice my quickness. I've put on some weight, but I don't feel it when I'm running."

He's also growing in a mohawk, which looks out of character on the mild-mannered second-year end.

But to the credit of his offseason training, the mohawk's not nearly the first thing you notice when he walks in a room.