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Fox-guy Sehorn rips Panthers

Former NFL cornerback Jason Sehorn moved to Charlotte recently, but he doesn't have many kind things to say about the local NFL team.

He admits he's prejudiced, as an unabashed John Fox supporter, but he leveled stinging criticism of the Panthers anyway.

"My opinion of that team right now's not very high," Sehorn said during an interview conducted as part of a promotional tour. "When I look at that team and that organization the way they've been run last two years, I don't see a team that's serious about winning. ...

"Right now, the Panthers don't look like a team that wants to make the commitment to win."

Sehorn played for Fox with the New York Giants, and considered joining him here with the Panthers. He said that the main reason he didn't was that he wasn't confident enough in his own abilities to play cornerback, looking for work as a safety instead. 

But mostly, he voiced the same frustrations that other Fox supporters have over this season, including the lack of free agent additions or the retention of older players that were part of previous success.

"I know that I'm completely biased," Sehorn said. "But what happened there is tough, because it puts the team in a tough situation. It's hard to go out and compete when you sense there isn't that commitment from ownership.

"Let's face it, the only reason John is still there now is the owner was too cheap to fire him."

Sehorn was promoting a responsible drinking initiative on behalf of  Captain Morgan. The liquor company will donate $1 to the First Mate Fund for every fan that uploads a picture of themselves doing the Captain Morgan pose to their Facebook page ( They hope to raise $1 million to support alcohol awareness and safe-driving initiatives.

"It's the holiday season, and people are going to drink, and we want them to drink responsibly," Sehorn said.