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Super Bowl odds

Got an interesting set of numbers in the e-mail the other day from the gambling website Bodog (not that we sanction online gambling). The Panthers are currently the third favorite in the eyes of the bookmakers to win the Super Bowl.  


They're currently listed at 11-to-2 to win the Super Bowl, trailing only the Giants and Steelers (7-to-2 each). Tennessee and Dallas are listed 8-to-1, and Indianapolis 9-to-1.


They even offer lines on specific Super Bowl matchups, and the 11-to-2 you could get for a Panthers-Steelers Super Bowl trails only the 5-to-1 on the board for Giants-Steelers.


Here's a look at their odds for specific Super Bowl matchups: 


Carolina Panthers vs. Baltimore Ravens               18/1

Carolina Panthers vs. Denver Broncos                  30/1

Carolina Panthers vs. Indianapolis Colts               12/1

Carolina Panthers vs. Miami Dolphins                  16/1

Carolina Panthers vs. New England Patriots         25/1

Carolina Panthers vs. New York Jets                   14/1

Carolina Panthers vs. Pittsburgh Steelers             11/2

Carolina Panthers vs. San Diego Chargers           60/1

Carolina Panthers vs. Tennessee Titans               13/2