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A look at 2011 'Pennies' project No. 3: Westgate connector

The Herald is presenting snapshots of the major projects proposed as part of the Aug. 2 "Pennies for Progress" referendum. York County voters will decide whether to approve seven more years of a penny sales tax and embark on $161 million more in road improvements.

Pennies Priority 3 - Westgate connector

Project - A new road will connect U.S. 321 north of Clover to Barrett Road through Westgate Industrial Park.

Location - Clover

Distance - 2.2 miles

Cost - $2.5 million (of $10 million for three projects covering 9.9 miles in the Clover area)

Impact - Alleviate truck traffic in downtown Clover and improve access to Westgate Industrial Park.

Tractor-trailers bound for or leaving Westgate Industrial Park off U.S. 321 often travel through downtown Clover and narrow residential streets.

The proposed road would reduce some of the heavy truck traffic in downtown Clover.

Improving access to the industrial park might help attract more businesses there.

Coming Wednesday

U.S. 21 North and S.C. 51 - Widening to multiple lanes would eliminate congestion on the popular north-south corridor and provide another fast route between Fort Mill and South Charlotte.

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