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25 students gather at Winthrop in 'Occupy' protest

Judson Abraham decided not to go to his introduction to ethics class at Winthrop University Thursday afternoon, all to show his support of Occupy Colleges.

The group is affiliated with Occupy Wall Street, protesters who are angry about "the rich getting richer, the poor getting poorer and the middle class disappearing."

The junior political science major gathered at least 25 students to march from Byrnes Auditorium on Winthrop University's campus to the Bank of America in downtown Rock Hill.

Though it was the third national walk-out, he said, it's the first for the university.

"We're the first in the state to join," he said, "but I predict many more will follow, and something positive will rebound from this."

The main focus was to protest the rising cost of higher education, he said, and he hoped more walk-outs would be in the future and attract more students.

Senior political science major Porsche Hill was one of the students.

"It's important not just to complain, but to have your voice heard," she said. "Speak out and do something."