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Rock Hill teen cited for tobacco product 'potpourri'

A teenager was cited with possession of tobacco Thursday after school authorities learned he was smoking something he called "G-13 Potpourri," according to a Rock Hill Police report.

After officials at the Applied Technology Center in Rock Hill contacted police, officers searched the 17-year-old boy's vehicle and found what appeared to be tobacco in a plastic bag, a lighter, a pack of cigarettes, "smoking devices," and a package with the label "G-13 Potpourri" with a small amount in it, the report stated.

The label said it was not for human consumption and did not list the ingredients, but it did list a website advertising the product.

The website advertises using G-13 Potpourri for relaxation and achieving "bliss through meditation."

Authorities contacted a representative of Keystone Substance Abuse Services in Rock Hill, who did not have any information on the product, the report said.

The teen told police he purchased the G-13 from a gas station near Confederate Park in Rock Hill. The teen was charged with possession of tobacco by a minor.

It is unclear whether G-13 Potpourri is related to synthetic marijuana, also known as K2 Spice, Orange Dragon Smoke, Black Mamba and other names.

Synthetic marijuana is a chemically coated mix of herbs and spices popular among teens and often marketed as incense.

Smoking synthetic marijuana can cause health problems, including rapid heart rate, high blood pressure, hallucinations and other harmful side effects.

Responding to a trend of youth smoking herbal products marketed as incense, local, state and federal officials have acted to outlaw the sale of some of the compounds used to make synthetic marijuana in recent months.