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Local athletes find new homes for college

History is being made nearly every year at Nation Ford, Fort Mill's second high school that opened five years ago.

Several state championship trophies rest in the case set aside for athletic excellence, but Wednesday, National Signing Day, created two more firsts.

Nation Ford introduced its first players to sign with BCS schools. Jay Jay McCullough signed with Clemson, which analysts are ranking as one of the top signing classes in the nation. JT Boyd was the other, casting his lot with East Carolina in Greenville, N.C.

"I'm happy to sign and get this out of the way so people will stop trying to tell me what to do," McCullough said. "Clemson's coaches said I have some big shoes to fill and are expecting me to come in ready to work."

McCullough said he was recruited as a "hybrid player,' meaning he will line up at all skill positions on offense except quarterback. But with his athletic skills, it would come as no surprise to see the 6-foot-5, 235-pounder line up in the Wildcat and take a snap or two.

On the junior college front, former Northwestern and Hutchinson CC wide receiver Cordarrelle Patterson announced his decision. In a mild surprise, he bypassed several major powers and signed with Tennessee, where he'll be reunited with former Northwestern teammate, rising sophomore quarterback Justin Worley. Northwestern's Keon Stowers signed with Kansas and former Trojans standout Jarrett Neely with Alabama State.

Four of Class AAA state champion South Pointe speedsters signed. Tay Hicklin, Corey Neely and Montay Crockett are going to Georgia Southern. JaRyan Jennings is headed to Newberry.

Rock Hill's top player, nose guard Mitchell Jeter, is going to The Citadel.

Football took center stage, but there are other sports and colleges that got a group of talented seniors.

Heading the list is Fort Mill's Meredith Kilburn, Gatorade's South Carolina Cross Counter Runner of the Year and last fall's Class AAA state champ. Kilburn will run at Wake Forest.

Soccer also had it's share of "big school" signees. Fort Mill's Kevin Fielden signed with Pittsburgh, Nation Ford's Reid Grayson accepted and appointment to the U.S. Navel Academy and Nation Ford's Conner Agnew is enrolled at N.C. State and signed at the school on Wednesday.

Winthrop picked up Fort Mill boys soccer player Walker Johnson.


JT Boyd, OL

School: Nation Ford

College: East Carolina

Parents: Barbara and Ed Boyd

Quote: "It's a big relief. It takes a lot of stress off. They have what I want to major in and it's a football town. They talked about me getting a chance to play early."

Montay Crockett, FS

School: South Pointe

College: Georgia Southern

Parents: Mary Crockett and James Hemphill

Quote: "It feels good to be taking my next step in life. It will be good playing with my teammates and that will help all of us play up to our abilities."

Corey Dover, DB

School: York

College: Newberry

Quote: "I like Newberry and its small-college atmosphere. I was recruited to play safety and I'm going to work hard to earn a starting position."

Shaq Elder, DB

School: Lancaster

College: Feather River CC (Calif.)

Parents: Doug and Sandra Elder

Quote: "It feels good to be going to California, but when I finish my two years, I'd like to transfer back to this side of the country."

Andre Faults

School: York

College: Wingate

Keyanthony Foster, DB

School: Lancaster

College: Orangeburg Prep

Parents: Anthony and Crystal Foster

Quote: "It's the school's second year for football and they were conference champs last season. I want to put in my two years, work hard and go to a four-year school."

Sean Potts-Harris, DB

School: Nation Ford

College: Southern Tech Academy (Fla.)

Parents: Paula Potts

Quote: "It's very Christian-oriented and they make you discipline yourself. It's a one year school, so hopefully next year I will be at Clemson or West Virginia."

Tay Hicklin, CB

School: South Pointe

College: Georgia Southern

Parents: James (stepdad) and Regina Hardin; Marcel Sanders

Quote: "The coaches called and said all three of us were the type of players in their program. They said I'll have a good opportunity to start as a freshman."

JaRyan Jennings, WR

School: South Pointe

College: Newberry

Parents: Chelsea Jennings and Antwain Chisholm

Quote: "I want to major in business and the academics there are good. The coaches said I'd likely start and not to worry about being red-shirted."

Mitchell Jeter, NG

School: Rock Hill

College: The Citadel

Parents: Rev. Leroy and Frances McCrae

Quote: "I like the campus and atmosphere. There are a couple of nose guards in front of me. I told one before I left my visit that he better be ready because I'm coming to take his spot."

Jay Jay McCullough, WR

School: Nation Ford

College: Clemson

Parents: Gloria Scott

Quote: "Yesterday, I still had a couple colleges sending me letters. It feels good to sign. It's finally official now to write my name on that paper. They expect me to do some great work and fill in. They say I'm going to be a hybrid, playing everything from tight end to tail back."

Corey Neely, FS

School: South Pointe

College: Georgia Southern

Parents: Twana Watkins and Corey Neely Sr.

Quote: "We're taking built-in team chemistry with us. They are expecting me to start, but the best thing is three of us will get to play together four more years."

Abri Tate, LB

School: Nation Ford

College: Bryant University (R.I.)

Parents: Endee and Gregory Tate

Quote: "Academically, they are pretty strong. Knowing all these schools are interested in you, that is really exciting."

Rondreas Truesdale, Ath.

School: Indian Land

College: Delta State

Shaq Williams, QB

School: Lancaster

College: Hutchinson CC (Kans.)

Parents: Malcolm and Shantell Williams

Quote: "Hutchinson is a good school and has a reputation for sending players to DI schools. It's a way from home, but you've got to go what you can to get to where you want to go."


Conner Agnew

School: Nation Ford

Sport: Soccer

College: N.C. State (at State)

Parents: Cynthia and John Agnew

Katie Bright

School: Nation Ford

Sport: Soccer

College: Eastern Kentucky

Parents: Pam and Peter Bright

Quote: "I wanted to try something new and get away and meet new people."

Ellen Bright

School: Nation Ford

Sport: Soccer

College: USC-Upstate

Parents: Pam and Peter Bright

Quote: "It was a last minute thing, but I met with the coaches and it seemed like a really good fit."

Kevin Fielden

School: Fort Mill

Sport: Soccer

College: Pittsburgh

Parents: Colleen and Rick Fielden

Quote: "I love the school and I love the downtown area it's in. They have a really good business school."

Reid Grayson

School: Nation Ford

Sport: Soccer

College: U.S. Naval Academy

Parents: Rebecca and Brent Grayson

Quote: "I wanted to do something bigger and unique. I have always wanted to do it. I like how unique it was and the commitment to excellence they have."

Lauren Hensley

School: Fort Mill

Sport: Soccer

College: Newberry

Parents: Pamela and Bud Hensley

Quote: "I liked the team chemistry and I think I will fit in well there."

Peyton Johnson

School: Nation Ford

Sport: Soccer

College: Anderson University

Parents: Keeley and Jay Johnson

Quote: "I loved the school and the coach and the girls are amazing."

Walker Johnson

School: Fort Mill

Sport: Soccer

College: Winthrop

Parents: Lisa and Larry Johnson

Quote: "They gave me the best opportunity to play as a freshman. It's a big day, very exciting."

Meredith Kilburn

School: Fort Mill

Sport: Cross country/track

College: Wake Forest

Parents: Karen and Gary Kilburn

Quote: "It is really exciting and it makes it feel more official after you sign something. I feel really thankful and blessed."

Marian Marr

School: Clover

Sport: Soccer

College: Gardner-Webb

Parents: Jeff and Marie Marr

Quote: "It's a good offer. I want to help (GW) win and show them my soccer skills. I want to show them how we play soccer in Clover."

Samantha Satterlee

School: Clover

Sport: Soccer

College: USC-Beaufort

Parents: Wade and Elaine Satterlee

Quote: "It's a new soccer program and I'm looking forward to do my part in building it. The school has an amazing campus."

Courtney Selle

School: Westminster Catawba

Sport: Soccer

College: Taylor University (Ind.)

Parents: Chris and Lillian Selle

Quote: "The community is amazing and I'll be a good fit for the community and the school. And I already know a lot of the players."