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Super Bowl Sunday super for Rock Hill business too

Above the door as you exit Hibbett Sports at the Rock Hill Galleria is a row of NFL jerseys.

There's the jersey for Drew Brees, the New Orleans Saints quarterback who almost got his team back to the Super Bowl.

There's a blue jersey with the name Manning. But this Manning didn't play a down this season and will be in the luxury boxes in Indianapolis when the game starts Sunday. This Manning, Peyton, will most certainly be rooting for his brother, Eli, starting quarterback for the New York Giants.

And, at least according to sales of Super Bowl and NFL memorabilia, many in York County will be rooting for the Giants.

Giants fans are buying more than Patriots fans, according to Joe Seggie, manager of K&K Kollectibles, also in the Galleria. Fans are also looking for Giants stuff at Hibbett Sports and even J.C. Penney, which has some Panthers stuff for sale.

"They love their Giants," Seggie said of his customers. They love to come in and talk about the team as they look for Super Bowl items, everything from T-shirts to "little things like candles, pins and a deck of cards. We've sold out of flags," Seggie said.

Patriots fans, Seggie continued, are a quieter bunch.

It is the big game. One out of every two adults will be watching the game, according to surveys.

It is also big business.

It is the busiest day of the day for pizza places. It's best to pre-order your pies, especially if you want several.

It is also a busy day for wing sales. According to the National Chicken Council, about 1.25 billion wings will be consumed Sunday. That's about 100 million pounds of chicken.

It could have been more. According to the council, New Englanders and Patriots fans are 6 percent less likely than the national average to order chicken wings at a restaurant or wing joint. Fans of the New York Giants and those others in the Mid-Atlantic region are 24 percent more likely to order wings.

A New York Giants-Baltimore Ravens match-up would have produced maximum wing consumption out of the four possible Super Bowl match-ups. Residents in the South Atlantic region, including Ravens fans, are 27 percent more likely than the national average to order chicken wings.

It's also a big day for avocados. For the season, football fans consume 71 million pounds of avocados, most of it in guacamole.

On average, a Super Bowl watcher consumes 1,200 calories while snacking during the big game. That's one-half of the average male daily caloric intake, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

The smorgasbord of food makes Super Bowl Sunday the second largest day for food consumption, trailing only Thanksgiving.

The game is so popular, that many say they'd miss other important family events to see the game if their favorite team was on the field, according to a survey done for

The survey says that 20 percent would miss the wedding of a close friend or family member to watch the game; 19 percent would miss a family funeral and 15 percent would miss the birth of a child. Must be the birth a second or third child. I can't imagine anyone missing the birth of their first child.

It's big business in between the time the teams are playing. Thirty-seven percent of people surveyed say they will watch the game for the commercials which have become legendary. Sixty-second spots sold for $3.5 million each this year.

So who will win?

The Patriots are 3-point favorites, but Giants fans point to a host of factors why their team should be favored. After all, the Giants beat the Pat at home this season.

Business analysts are comparing the Giants to an overperforming stock that fades when you need it most. Some analysts, therefore, are picking the Patriots.

Looking for another harbinger?

Check out the unemployment rate. According to RiseSmart, an outplacement counseling firm, the city with the lowest unemployment rate has won 17 out of the last 20 Super Bowls.

New York City's jobless rate was 8.2 percent in December, according to federal Bureau of Labor Statistics, less than the national average of 8.5 percent.

But Boston's December unemployment average was 5.8 percent, according to the BLS.

Big day, big business, big win for the Patriots?