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30 dogs rescued in suspected Rock Hill dog-fighting case

Deputies are investigating a dog-fighting incident from the weekend in which at least 30 dogs were seized.

On Saturday morning in a clearing near a Wildcat Creek Road address in Rock Hill, deputies found a large dog-fighting pit along with several empty kennels, according to a York County Sheriff’s Office report. A caller told deputies dogs had been fighting in the backyard.

When they arrived, deputies noticed several cars in the front yard. In the backyard, several pit bulls were chained, and they could hear men talking and dogs yelping in a wooded area near the property, the report states. Deputies drove through the neighborhood and found a road into the woods.

A man was seen carrying a black dog by its throat toward the woods, the report states. Deputies realized the suspects might have seen them and run away, so the officers returned to the home and knocked on the door.

The woman who answered said she didn’t know about dog-fighting or who the cars in the front yard belonged to, according to the report. She said she and her son had only lived there for a few weeks, and she wouldn’t let deputies inside.

After discovering the clearing and the kennels, deputies found two badly injured pit bulls, the report states. One of the dogs had a broken leg and had difficulty moving. Both had severe lacerations on their legs and snouts.

York County Animal Control took the two injured dogs, the report states. Deputies found about 29 dogs in one of the homes on the road. The dogs were triaged, and the puppies and injured were seized.

Steve Stuber with Animal Control said the agency took in four puppies that didn’t have food or water, the mother of the puppies and seven other dogs.

The remaining dogs were kept in the home during the investigation. Stuber said Animal Control has visited those dogs to check on their well-being.

Capt. Glenn Williams of the Sheriff’s Office said investigators are trying to determine who is involved in the dog-fighting.

He said dog-fighting is treated as a “very serious crime” and can carry severe penalties.

Stuber said he hopes investigators can find out who did this to the dogs, calling the people who taught the pit bulls to fight “irresponsible.”

“Fortunately, we’re knocking them down one at a time,” Stuber said. “We don’t know if we’ll ever get to see the end of it, but that’s the goal.”