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Volunteers find Virginia couple’s lost dog at Rock Hill tennis center

six-day manhunt – dog hunt, really – ended successfully Friday afternoon without even a case of fleas.

Ready, a dog-tired Brittany Spaniel chased by dozens of volunteers, finally gave up the chase when cornered at the Rock Hill Tennis Center near Sullivan Middle School.

A group of people who had been looking, led by Sheila Martin and Tammi Alexander and their children, saw Ready run toward the tennis center. They cornered him, and finally, “Ready just lay down and wanted to be petted,” said Camille Schofield, a Rock Hill volunteer who helped look for the dog lost since Saturday.

Ready had run off Saturday from his owners, Anita and Ron Back, who had stopped in Rock Hill during a trip from Georgia to their home in Hot Springs, Va. After the Backs spent days and thousands of dollars trying to find the dog, volunteers who read about their plight in The Herald combed Rock Hill Thursday and Friday. The story prompted a city-wide hunt for the dog that garnered volunteers young and old by the score.

Schofield left Friday afternoon to meet the Backs in Wytheville, Va., with Ready in his carrier.

“Without the great, nice people of Rock Hill, Ready would have never been found,” Anita Back said Friday afternoon. “Thank you, Anita and Tammy and kids. Thank you, Camille. Thank you, Rock Hill. You are the greatest!”

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