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Pair accused of having sex, smoking pot on swing outside Rock Hill City Hall

A man and woman were charged with indecent exposure after police found them having sex on a swing and smoking pot at Rock Hill City Hall’s amphitheater, just steps away from the public library, police station and a coin fountain.

Police were called to City Hall at around 2:30 p.m. Thursday when dispatch reported two people smoking marijuana on the swing sets in City Hall’s courtyard, officials say.

Authorities found Danielle Dewberry, 20, and Amin Jenkins, 39, both of Rock Hill, with their clothes pulled down, in the act of what a Rock Hill Police report calls “fornicating.”

Police arrested both, charging them for indecent exposure, while also finding .01 grams of marijuana in a grinder on Dewberry, according to the report.

They were found in an area with four metal bench swings. The swings hang beneath a garden trellis of vines and leaves at the amphitheater.

City Hall’s rotunda overlooks the area, and visitors to the York County Library can see the swings from inside bthe building.

Elliot Worthy, library circulation manager, said he didn’t hear about the incident when it happened on Thursday, and he said no one complained.

But on Friday, Carrie Land of Rock Hill was upset.

“I just can’t believe someone has the guts to do that in broad daylight,” Land said.

Last spring, Land and her now-husband Cory took their engagement pictures on those very same swings in the courtyard. Now, Land says, the area is tarnished.

“It kind of ruins the moment,” she said.

Land and her husband were married in September, but don’t look for them to take a stroll down memory lane through the courtyard anytime soon.

“I probably won’t sit on those benches again,” she said.

City spokeswoman Katie Quinn said she was unsure exactly which swing was used, but she said city crews cleaned and disinfected all the swings in the courtyard Friday afternoon.

Surveillance video cameras monitor the area, Quinn said, but she was unsure what the cameras may have recorded in this case.

During a bond hearing Friday morning, Judge Jane Modla set Jenkins’ bond at $3,000 and Dewberry’s bond at $2,000 on charges for indecent exposure, said Rock Hill Clerk of Court Diane Anderson.

Because indecent exposure is a misdemeanor carrying a sentence up to three years in prison, both Jenkins and Dewberry will be tried in general sessions court, said Deputy Solicitor Willy Thompson.

A records check with the State Law Enforcement Division shows that Dewberry pleaded no contest in 2011 to two counts of petty larceny and second-degree burglary. She received two years’ probation. Jenkins has multiple convictions dating back to 2005, including grand larceny, possession of drug paraphernalia and criminal domestic violence.

Friday evening, Dewberry and Jenkins were still in police custody.