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SC high court: Lawyer suspended for affair mixed pleasure with business for years

The South Carolina Supreme Court has suspended a Columbia area lawyer who had sex with a married man for years while representing both the man and his wife in more than 20 legal actions.

The lawyer, Kay Paschal, has admitted she committed misconduct and created ethical conflicts with her “secret, sexual relationship” and has accepted her suspension for a term of three years, the Supreme Court wrote in a unanimous seven-page opinion released Wednesday.

During the more than 30 years the relationship and legal representations took place, Paschal, who’s now in her late 60s, earned about $87,000 in fees from the couple, the Supreme Court wrote.

That amounted to about $10,000 from the wife, and some $77,600 from the husband. The court also said Paschal took personal gifts from the husband and participated in investments with him during that time.

Jake Moore, Paschal’s lawyer, said she is sorry for everything and hasn’t tried to deny it.

“She was working for him, and he basically made some advances, and she acquiesced, and they had sex,” Moore said. “Once it started, it continued.”