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Police: Rock Hill drug suspect was ‘hopping around’ during traffic stop

A Rock Hill man jailed this week for drug charges started “hopping around” during a traffic stop in an apparent attempt to distract the officer from the cocaine hidden in his shoe, according to the York County Sheriff’s Office.

Artavis Jaquan Anthony, 33, of Merritt Road, was charged with possession of less than one gram of cocaine-second offense, driving under suspension and failure to dim lights.

A deputy patrolling Saluda Road was approached from the opposite direction by a vehicle whose driver didn’t dim his high beams, prompting a traffic stop on Ramble Wood Court, according to a sheriff’s report. The driver, Anthony, told the officer he didn’t have a license, and the officer found out Anthony’s driving privileges are suspended for a drug violation.

The officer arrested Anthony and found nothing in his pockets during a search, police said.

“I instructed Artavis to lean up against the front of my patrol vehicle and to remove his shoes,” the deputy wrote in the report. “Artavis began complaining about his hands hurting and then began hopping around. It appeared as though Artavis was attempting to distract my attention from his feet.”

A clear plastic bag containing about a gram of crack cocaine came out of Anthony’s left shoe as he removed it and fell to the ground, police said. Anthony told the officer “he didn’t know anything about the crack” and asked the officer if he put it on the ground.

Anthony was convicted of possession of cocaine in July 2005.