Come-See-Me coloring contest winners announced

Grand prize winner Caroline Birdsong
Grand prize winner Caroline Birdsong

Grand Prize winners of the 2018 Come-See-Me Coloring Contest were Harshita Poovannan and Caroline Birdsong.

Winners in their age categories were:

Ages 0 – 2 years

First: Titus Shellenberger

Second: Victoria Mueller

Third: Ander Gordon

Fourth: Caroline Longstreth

Fifth: Hannah Simmonds

Sixth: Miguel Figuero

Honorable mention


Charlie Blaisdell


Ahan Hafiz

Ages 3 – 4 years

First: Caroline Stanford

Second: Lilly Dee Broome

Third: Benjamin Luedeke

Fourth: Lily Jane Davis / Fourth: Lydia Hodge

Fifth: Lily Wyatt

Sixth: Mia Ridley

Honorable mention

Bryson Singer

Peyton Barrineau

John Marshall Hinson

Ages 5-6 years

First: Julia Newman

Second: Michael Lessard III

Third: Varna Chandramohan

Fourth: Ella Grace Hicks

Fifth: Lauren Mick

Sixth: Olivia Blanke

Honorable mention

Blake Willis

Lydia Ghent

Collins McFadden

Olivia Kiehn

Ages 7-8 years

First: Lucy Ann Smith

Second: Aideen Gordon

Third: Eli Birdsong

Fourth: Taralyn Shellenberger

Fifth: Mason Evans

Sixth: Reagan Broussard

Honorable mention

Abigail Harmon

Genesis Barber

Ava DiFiore

Chloé Landon McCullough

Ages 9-10 years

First: Oviya

Second: Will Birdsong

Third: Phoebe Nance

Fourth: Ethan Mick

Fifth: Owen Tomkins

Sixth: Ariana Walk

Honorable mention

Shiland Barber

Blake Davis

Kelly Adams

Ages 11-12 years

First: Teresa Shellenberger

Second: Rebecca Pruette

Third: Rachel Courtney

Fourth: Timothy Shellenberger

Ages 13-14 years

First: Sarah White

Second: Karlee Adams

Third: Abby Hogue

Fourth: Kayleigh Mick

Fifth: Ashlyne Courtney

15-18 years

First: Kaitlyn Baker

Second: Nautica Barber

Third: Aly Hogue


First: Jennie Shellenberger

Second: Kavitha Chandramohan

Third: Michelle DiEduardo

Fourth: April Birdsong

Fifth: Ashley Gordon

Sixth: Barbara Roberts

Honorable mention

Raelene Cavanough

Beau Brussard

Samantha Rose

Torbjorn Holmberg

Exceptional Artists

First: Carly C.

Second: Meshae Soloyman

Third: Miley B.

Fourth: Lashaunda McIver

Fifth: Markelth Dais

Sixth: Cameron Neely

Honorable mention

Markell Huff

Sara M.

Jordon Cooper

Sky B.