Test your knowledge of the past two years in York County Council history

Questions with an asterisk have bonus points. Score a possible 15 points.

1. Which three council members will be leaving in January?

2. Business leaders praised what decision by the County Council that affects what times stores can open? Hint: The vote was recorded by documentary filmmakers from the Art Institute of Charlotte.

3. *Which monadnock did the county turn into a public park with walking trails and picnic tables? Extra point if you know where it is.

4. Name the author:

A) "Chappell is the one that wanted nothing to do with me. He is the one that would not speak to me or shake my hand. He is the one that rose from the table and faced the wall when my mother and her friend greeted councilmen and their wives at the York Regional Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting." (From a July 1, 2006, editorial)

B) "From the beginning of this term, I have been accused and attacked by innuendo. ... Until now, I had chosen to avoid being a participant in the public ruckus, but enough is enough. Of all the things I have in this world, the two that I value most are my family and my reputation." (From a June 25, 2006, editorial)

C) "After Monday's council meeting, I am relieved not to face another two years with Buddy Motz and Curwood Chappell. They have made the last two years miserable with their intrigue, misrepresentations and willingness to damage the public trust for their own personal goals." (From a June 23, 2006 letter to the editor)

D) "Some of us on the York County Council prefer to be public servants, rather than politicians ... Accountability, responsibility and credibility are essential to great leadership, and when you violate these principles, you have become a politician. Remember, politicians are like baby diapers, they need to be changed quite often, usually for the same reason." (From a July 28, 2005 guest editorial)

5. True/false: The council voted to use the phrase "Extreme Revolutionary Fun" to lure tourists to the county.

6.*Who is the current chairman? Extra point if you know the controversy surrounding his election.

7. Name one of the companies that relocated its headquarters to York County in the past two years.

8. What legal battle has the county pledged up to $300,000 to help fight?

9. Which road project finally got started this fall after voters said yes to it nearly 10 years ago?

10. When will people be able to watch the often lively council meetings on TV?

[How'd you do? Answers here.