Fort Lawn chief accuses Chester County sheriff of harassment

Fort Lawn Police Chief Richard Smith has accused Chester County SheriffRobby Benson of harassing him while Smith was in Benson’s office this week,according to a police report.

Benson calls the allegations “misleading” but declined to discuss whatexactly happened.

Smith, who unsuccessfully ran for sheriff against Benson in 2004, said hewon’t pursue charges, but filed a report with the Chester Police Departmentbecause he wanted to document the incident.

According to the report, Smith was dropping off a prisoner at the LawEnforcement Center when Benson asked him to come into his office and closedthe door.

Benson then began shouting at Smith about political matters and pushed thedoor closed when Smith tried to leave, the report stated. Smith had to forcethe door open and Benson followed him down the hall, according to thereport.

Benson and Smith have recently disagreed about how authorities should policedrugs in the county.

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