Saluda Street work should finish by November

The opening of the Rock Hill Market comes as roadwork nears an end on Saluda Street.

The project is about 90 percent completed; the biggest remaining hurdle is finishing upgrades to the intersection of Johnston and Saluda streets.

A faulty bolt pattern on a mast arm has held up progress at the intersection, said Ray Koterba, the city's director of Housing and Neighborhood Services.

"The whole project has gone very well, up until this one glitch," he said. "But this is a minor glitch."

Crews hope to get the problem resolved within a few weeks, and the entire project is slated to finish on time by November, Koterba said.

Work began late last year to bury overhead utility wires, improve storm water drainage, install new sidewalks and plant 100 trees between Boggs and Johnston streets.

Planting of trees and shrubs will be delayed until November or December because anything planted now wouldn't survive the drought restrictions, Koterba said.

The $2.5 million project represents the second phase of an effort that began three years ago when similar work was done farther south between Boggs and Heckle Boulevard.