Clover company to mark sale of 1,000th machine

CLOVER -- A global manufacturing company in Clover will celebrate the sale of its 1,000th machine on Thurs- day.

S.E. Huffman, located at 1050 Huffman Way, has been in business since 1961 and specializes in machinery that makes everything from brain surgery to rocket science happen, company President Roger Hayes said.

The 1,000th sale is a milestone, Hayes said.

"(It's) like celebrating your 100th birthday," Hayes said.

The 1,000th machine will go to Solar Turbines, a San Diego division of Caterpillar, the world's largest maker of construction and mining equipment, diesel and natural gas engines and industrial gas turbines.

Representatives from Solar Turbines will fly in from California to receive the Huffman HS-225, which is used to manufacture vanes, vane rings, nozzles, blades and shrouds for gas turbines and other applications, according to the Huffman Web site's product description. The machine is valued at $600,000.

Solar Turbines will use the Huffman machine to manufacture jet engines that produce energy during peak loads or instances when surges of electricity happen all at once.

Huffman has sold its machinery to automobile manufacturers in Hong Kong and Japan, knee replacement manufacturers in the United Kingdom and more than 20 other countries that use the parts for surgical instruments and jet engine parts, among other devices. Huffman will ship two HP115 Laser Cladder machines to General Electric this month.

The corporation also is celebrating a 5,000-square-foot extension to its al- ready 15,000-square-foot main assembly hall.

Huffman is one of Clover's top industries in the town, according to Town Councilman Wes Spurrier, who will attend Thursday's celebration along with other town leaders.