Patrol car wreck brings charges

A 34-year-old Rock Hill woman faces charges after authorities say she stole and wrecked her boyfriend's marked patrol car on Tuesday.

Angelita Sanchez of 841 Lucas St. was charged with grand larceny of an automobile over $5,000 and a charge of driving under the influence, police said.

The car, a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria that displayed Unit No. 296, was part of the fleet at the York County Sheriff's Office, the report notes.

Around 4:30 a.m. Tuesday, police responded to a car accident on Charlotte Avenue, according to police reports. Lance Cpl. Ron Johnson of the S.C. Highway Patrol said Sanchez struck a fire hydrant with the car.

Authorities found the car in the 900 block of Charlotte Avenue near Milton Avenue. No one was hurt during the incident, said Lt. Jerry Waldrop of the Rock Hill Police Department.

"After she wrecked the car, she walked to a nearby residence," Waldrop said. "She told the resident that she needed a place to hide because she had wrecked her boyfriend's car."

Police say Sanchez stole the car as retribution against her boyfriend, Sheriff's deputy Anthony White.

"He broke up with me so I stole his car," the report notes Sanchez repeatedly told police.

White declined to comment.

According to reports, White woke up and discovered that his keys were missing. He told police that he did not understand why Sanchez took the car.

The car received extensive damage and officials estimated that it will be a total loss, according to the report. Before the incident, it was valued at $5,500, the report notes.

On Tuesday morning, Sanchez was in custody at the York County Detention Center in York after officials charged her with driving under the influence.

Last January, the Sheriff's Office charged Sanchez with public disorderly conduct, simple assault and a vehicle registration/licensing violation, according to department records. Two months later, Sanchez was charged with reckless driving, the records note.

Sanchez's latest charge could carry a five-year prison sentence, police said. She remained in custody Tuesday night at the detention center.

The sheriff's office is investigating the incident.