Two arrested in York County shooting

A midnight shooting lead to the arrest of a male teen and a Fort Lawnfugitive, officials said.

A 16-year-old is being held in custody at the county detention centerin York after officials say he fired a 12-gauge shotgun multiple times into a silver HondaAccord, according to a police report from the York County Sheriff’s Office.

The teen, whose name has not been released, was charged with assault andbattery with intent to kill and possession of marijuana, the report notes.

Warrants have not been served on the boy, said Sgt. Danny Catoe of the YorkCounty Sheriff Office.

When the warrants are served, officials will be able to ascertain if the boywill be charged as a juvenile or adult, Catoe said.

Police also arrested one of the victims, James Erwin Oxendine. Oxendine, 23,of 3005 Saluda Road, was a fugitive wanted for distribution of marijuana inFort Lawn, according to an incident report and arrest warrants from the FortLawn Police Department.

Oxendine, who was not injured in the gun fire, was transferred to Fort LawnPolice Department this morning, said Chief Richard Smith.

According to the warrant, Oxendine distributed 117 grams of marijuana in aFort Lawn parking lot to an unknown individual. The Dec. 29 transactionwas recorded on audio and video tape by police, the warrant notes. The drughas a street value of approximately $400.

Oxendine, who works for a South Carolina chemical company, could have a bondhearing today, Smith said.

Oxendine is expected to be transferred to the Chester County DetentionCenter, Smith said. Oxendine’s drug charges are not related to the shooting,Smith said.

Early this morning officials responding to a shooting, where a youth advisedthat two men threatened to kidnap his girlfriend and cause bodily harm ifthe youth did not reveal his home address, according to police reports.

When the men contacted the girl, the youth gave them his address to preventthem from harming her or her family, the report notes.

Before the men arrived, the youth took his father’s 12-gauge Mossbergshotgun and hid in the wooded area near the home, according to the report.

The men arrived in a silver Honda Accord. The youth told police he fired sixrounds into the car, possibly hitting (the car) at least once as the carstopped, the report notes.

After the youth was put in a police car, officials recovered the weapon,which was located behind the door in the front right bedroom, according tothe report.

When officers searched the youth’s home, they recovered a small amount ofmarijuana from a dresser, according to the report.

The report further notes shooting was drug related.

For more details, read Friday’s Herald.