State's road signs to get shot of color, logos in new design

COLUMBIA -- South Carolina is replacing its road signs with blue-and-white signage, but don't try to tell a North Carolina Tar Heels fan it's the new Carolina Blue.

All the lettering, borders and symbols on the new signs will be a medium blue, darker than the pale blue shade so revered by University of North Carolina fans.

South Carolina's road-marking signs now have black letters, borders and symbols.

"The addition of the state outline, state symbol and the spelling out of the state's name will clearly indicate to travelers that they are in South Carolina," according to a statement released by the state Department of Transportation.

No changes to U.S. or interstate signs

The new signs will gradually appear on state routes, but signs for U.S. primary routes and interstate highways will not change.

The DOT said there will be no new costs accompanying the transition; the blue-and-white models will be erected in a normal replacement cycle for the older signs, which typically last seven to 10 years. The blue ink, same as the blue on interstate signs, already is in use by the DOT for other purposes.