Filming wraps this weekend

Put away your autograph pen and stop stargazing. Local filming of "Gospel Hill" wraps up this weekend and will head to Los Angeles.

Stars and crew for the movie about civil rights have been in the area about five weeks. We've seen cameras on Main Street in downtown Fort Mill, where a big crowd scene -- the last of the film -- was shot.

They've also been in Rock Hill, York and Chester.

The $6 million film is directed by Giancarlo Esposito, known for his roles in the Spike Lee films "Do The Right Thing" and "Malcolm X."

It stars Danny Glover, Angela Bassett, Julia Stiles, Nia Long, Adam Baldwin and The RZA, from the Wu Tang Clan.

The plot revolves around what happens to a black neighborhood when a powerful corporation tries to muscle its way into buying up properties for a golf course.

Publicist Gregg Millard said in an e-mail they enjoyed the area from the first day.

The feeling evidently is mutual.

"They're fun to hang out with," said Alex Oliphant of Chester, who rented the crew space in Chester. "They're intense. They're full of life. They move pretty fast."

But filming movies in the area is getting to be routine, Oliphant said. It's not like when the movie "Chiefs," starring Charlton Heston, came to Chester in 1983 and people lined the streets to watch.

Since then, we've had the big one -- "The Patriot," with Mel Gibson -- and smaller films, including last fall's "Asylum" at Winthrop University and "Walker Payne," shot during the summer of 2005.

From here, "Gospel Hill" will be in L.A. for final scenes, Millard wrote.

Release is set for the spring, he said.