News In Brief - July 30, 2007

Man accidentally shoots himself in calf

A Clover man, tired of foxes raiding his chicken coop, told York County sheriff's deputies he headed toward the chickens with a cocked semi-automatic pistol Saturday afternoon after he heard his chickens making a fuss.

Randy Garcia, 37, of 4290 Biggers Road said that when he put the gun back into his pocket, it was still cocked. He tripped over something and it discharged into his left calf, according to the sheriff's report.

Deputies believe the bullet went through his leg, and Garcia was transported to Piedmont Medical Center. A spokesperson said he was treated and released.

Four charged in parking lot free-for-all

A Sunday morning brawl in the parking lot of the north Cherry Road Petro Express ended with the arrest of four people, according to a report at the York County Sheriff's Office.

According to witnesses and some participants, the fight began about 2 a.m. after a 28-year-old Charlotte man and his wife stopped at the convenience store to buy food. The couple reportedly offered some of the food to four strangers inside an Intrepid, and the fight erupted.

Two men in the Intrepid jumped out and began punching the man as he opened the passenger door for his wife, witnesses said. When the wife tried to separate them, two women in the Intrepid also jumped out and attacked her, the report states. The women reportedly tore out some of the wife's hair, and deputies found blonde hair lying on the ground beside the car.

When deputies arrived, they found the man bruised and bleeding and blood splattered on the ground beside the front passenger door of his car. The four inside the Intrepid were leaving the parking lot when deputies stopped them, the report states.

Deputies charged four people with simple assault. They are Daniel Pittman, 27, of 2875 Carhart Circle, Rock Hill; David Dean Mullinax II, 27, of 3950 Berryhill Road, Edgemoor; Tiffany Annalee Tennant, 23, of 710 E. Border Road, Rock Hill; and Amanda Lynn Robertson, 27, 2062 Marett Blvd., Rock Hill. Each was free on $465 bond Sunday night, according to a booking officer at the York County Detention Center.

Bowling Green Hot Spot robbed early Sunday

A man in a black hoody and red bandana mask robbed the Hot Spot store in Bowling Green at about 4:20 a.m. Sunday and made off with an unknown amount of cash, according to a report at the York County Sheriff's Office.

According to the clerk, the man walked up to the counter and said, "Give me all your money." She did as he said, and he left. A parking lot witness said he saw a car pull in and to the back of the store, then saw the man enter the store. When he left, the suspect drove toward North Carolina, the witness told deputies.

The clerk and witness described the suspect as having blond hair and blue eyes, about 5 feet 8 inches tall and weighing about 150 pounds.

Sharon, Clover prepare for local elections

Town officials in Western York County are getting ready to race.

Filings opened in Sharon on July 1 and will close Aug. 23 at noon. Filings will open in Clover at 8 a.m. Aug. 8 and will close at 5 p.m. Sept. 7.

In Clover, the office of mayor and six council seats are open. The filing fee is $60 for the mayoral position and $45 for the council positions. Candidates must file and submit appropriate paperwork to the York County Elections Office.

In Sharon the office of mayor and four council seats are open. Candidates file by petition and have no filing fee. Petition packages be picked up at the elections office. To meet the requirements to file, candidates must acquire signatures of at least 5 percent of the registered voters within the town.

"A candidate in the case of Sharon would have to acquire at least 15 valid signatures to meet the requirement; however, we recommend they submit a few more than what is required in order to avoid coming up short should someone's signature be deemed invalid," said Wanda Hemphill, York County elections director.

In both towns, candidates must be a resident of the town and a registered voter. Election day is Nov. 6.