State exit exam scores improve, but some local schools dip

About 80 percent or more of the high school students in the York, Fort Mill and Clover school districts passed language arts and math exit exams taken in the spring, according to data the S.C. Department of Education released Thursday.

All high school students must pass the High School Assessment Program or HSAP in order to graduate. Additionally, scores from the exams are used to measure whether schools are meeting federal performance goals.

*The good news

Three-fourths of the students in the state passed the exam, up three percentage points from last year.Students at six of the 13 schools in York, Chester and Lancaster counties exceeded this average. And all but four of the schools saw an increase in the percentage of students who passed.

Statewide, limited English proficient students also made gains in both math and language arts.

*The bad news

Scores dipped at Fort Mill, Northwestern, Rock Hill and Chester Senior Highs.

Chester and Lancaster county students overall were below the state average, with about 70 percent of the students in each district passing.

The number of African American, Hispanic and free-and-reduced lunch students in the state meeting federal proficiency increased in math but decreased in English.

For more details, visit: www.ed.sc.gov/topics/assessment/scores/hsap/2006/

From The Charlotte Observer.