Threatening graffiti prompts police presence at Clover High School

CLOVER — Police officers were patrolling the halls at Clover High School this morning after threatening graffiti was discovered in a boys' bathroom.The graffiti had been removed by mid-morning.

About 100 of the school's 1,700 students had signed out by mid-morning forthe day, according to Principal Ron Wright.

Tonight's bonfire for the Clover football game against Berkeley High School has been cancelled, but school officials say the decision was based on high winds and had nothing to do with the graffiti.

Sheriff Bruce Bryant would only say Thursday that the graffiti was of a"threatening nature that an incident would occur today."

He said 12 police officers were at the school today and that it was thefirst time the department had to take action for a threat in this manner. Hesaid they have talked to numerous people but have made not arrests.

School officials told parents via the district's Web site that additionallaw enforcement would be on campus today as a "result of some threateningbathroom graffiti discovered at the school. We are taking these extraprecautions to keep our students safe. We fully expect to have a safe andnormal day for students."

Classes were being conducted as usual at the school, where four police carswere parked.

Wright, who would not say when the graffiti was discovered or if it waspaint or marker, said he did not want the publicity to encourage theperpetrators.

"You can't cancel school every time somebody does something like this," hesaid.

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