Warrant: McKown gave girlfriend money to buy cocaine, used drug himself

Suspended York County Coroner Doug McKown gave his girlfriend money to buycocaine, used the drug himself and took her to a York convenience store tomake a drug deal, according to a search warrant obtained by The Herald thisafternoon.

Issued in May, the warrant offers more details to what police have said allalong: About two years of investigation culminated in the couple’sinvolvement in a May 4 drug sale that was recorded on video.The warrant relies heavily on information from four confidential policeinformants. The informants were listed in the warrant as Source #1, Source#2, Source # 3 and Source #4.

Source #1 claimed to have taken a known ecstasy dealer to McKown’s Cloverhome nearly two years earlier to meet with then-girlfriend Erin Jenkins todistribute 20 ecstasy pills, according to the warrant.

Source #2 claimed to have sold cocaine to Jenkins at a York bar within thelast six months and also claimed to have seen McKown give Jenkins money forthe drug at least once, the warrant states.

Source #3 said that in January McKown and Jenkins were at a York bar andSource #3 went with Jenkins to purchase an eighth of an ounce of cocaine andthen returned to a bar where McKown was waiting, according to the warrant.Source #4 also claimed to have seen McKown give Jenkins money to purchasecocaine at the York bar in January, the warrant states.

On April 17, source #4 claimed to have shared cocaine with Jenkins and McKown in York, the warrant said. Later that night, McKown invited source#4 and source#3 back to his house, saying he had more cocaine there, the warrant said.

The warrant was released after a York judge reversed a magistrate’s rulinglast week. The magistrate had declined to release the document because hesaid publication of its details could interfere with McKown’s right to afair trial.