Water limits should end Monday

Mandatory water restrictions will continue through this weekend across Rock Hill and much of York County while city crews make repairs to two broken water pumps.

The good news is that repairs should be finished by Monday morning, allowing the limitations to be lifted.

Rock Hill officials declared the restrictions Thursday after malfunctions at two large pumps at the water treatment plant on Cherry Road.

"We had people that worked all night," said Nick Stegall, the city's public services administrator. "At one point, we had about 30 employees out there working on those pumps."

Although the breakdown occurred in Rock Hill, the restrictions also affect residents in Fort Mill and many other parts of the county. That's because the city supplies water to these areas.

City officials were disappointed Friday morning that few customers appeared to be paying attention to the restrictions. The plant was pumping 25 million gallons, a slightly higher output than usual for this time of year.

"We're just assuming at this point that a lot of people didn't know," Stegall said.

This weekend, two utility trucks will travel around Rock Hill to ask residents to shut off their sprinklers until at least Monday. Other communities are being asked to take their own steps to inform residents.

Six pumps push treated water out of the plant into the distribution system. They stand about 15 feet tall, and the largest one went out about a week ago. A temporary pump was ordered, and repairs were being done when the second-largest pump blew Thursday.

When that happened, the city lost about one-third of its capacity but could still pump 18 million gallons a day using the other pumps.

"That's why you have six of these things," Stegall said. "When something goes wrong, you have another one there."

Among the restrictions continuing through Monday:

• No watering lawn or plants

• No filling swimming pools

• No washing cars or sidewalks

• No pressure cleaning