Fort Mill couple offers top dollar for chair's return

Not many people would pay $500 for a nearly 40-year-old gold, velvety brocade recliner.

But Gerald Sudimack would.

The Fort Mill man is offering a reward for the return of his recliner, which he and his wife donated to the Salvation Army a year ago.

The chair was part of a "his and hers" set they got for the first home they got in 1969 -- and now they've decided they want it back.

"To me, it's a huge reward, much more than the chair cost to begin with," Rosemarie Sudimack said.

The chair accompanied the Sudimacks for 38 years as they moved to eight different homes in four states.

Last year, as they settled into a retirement community just five miles from the state line, they decided they just didn't have room for the recliner. They called the Salvation Army in Charlotte.

"Around Christmastime, we rearranged, and said, 'You know, I wish we had that chair back,"' Gerald Sudimack said.

Vince Honeycutt, who oversees Salvation Army resale shops in the Charlotte area, said it's unusual for people to have second thoughts about their donations. But there's really nothing he can do.

Donations are delivered to a warehouse, then redistributed to five area stores. Furniture that doesn't sell after two months is auctioned.

So the recliner, which would have been priced at $149.99 if it was in mint condition, could be anywhere.

Still, Sudimack isn't giving up.

He's advertising in traders and posting fliers: "Desperately seeking this sentimental piece of furniture," one ad reads.

"He's on this crusade now to get this chair back," Rosemarie Sudimack said.

If you think you've seen the gold, velvety brocade chair with a red label under the seat cushion reading, "Avon design by Futorian Co.," call the Sudimacks at (803) 548-6185.